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agosto 6, 2022

Universidad complutense de madrid degrees

The Degree in Psychology at the University of Seville has the mention in Health Psychology, which means that all those who graduate in Psychology from the University of Seville will do so with the mention in Health Psychology. This implies that after the degree they will be able to choose to take any Master’s Degree, including the Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology, regardless of the curricular itinerary chosen for the degree, that is, regardless of the elective subjects taken.

The different stages that students enjoy from before arriving to the classroom until after graduation will be more enriching if students are fully immersed in university life. For this reason, the University of Seville offers different actions to take advantage of synergies, enhance the possibilities of participation and promote better knowledge of the university.

The Student Assistance Center (CAT) offers information about the University of Seville and the different procedures established for students during the different phases of their stay at the university. In addition, you can consult information about the pre-enrollment process, admission, dates, etc.

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If the student is a Spanish or English speaker, or has previously studied in those languages, the language requirements indicated above for the respective language are considered to be satisfied.

In order to offer this dual face-to-face model, CEU equips the classrooms of the faculties with the HyFlex system. A system to develop interactive sessions with students who are in the classroom and with those who participate live from home. In this way, everyone (wherever they are) participates in person in the class session. It is the new «double presence» that allows to be in physical presence or to be in interactive digital presence.

The degree in Dentistry at our University provides our students with the highest quality scientific training, without neglecting other values that are also very important for being a good dentist, such as ethical principles, effective communication, both with patients and with other professionals, etc.

The competency test has a specific part of Biology and Chemistry contents and another more general part comprising 40 questions and measuring three general competencies and social desirability. It assesses interpersonal competencies (capacity for self-criticism, teamwork, autonomous work, relationship with others and empathy), instrumental competencies (capacity for analysis, synthesis, organization, planning, verbal expression, written expression), systemic competencies (capacity to apply theory to practice, leadership, innovation) and, in addition, a series of items to measure social desirability.

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In a globalized society, the management and specialization in a second language is essential to adapt to a globalized labor market in constant evolution towards the knowledge of more and more languages. The Degree in English Studies provides you with an advanced knowledge of the English language, its culture and literature, as well as a solid philological training.

You can also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training offered by the University of Jaén and all the activities aimed at improving your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides you with associated with this degree.

In addition to the specified resources, the University of Jaén has additional material resources and services that can be grouped into three large blocks that deserve special mention: Library, ICTs and universal accessibility services and services for students with disabilities.

Here you will find the fundamental details and all the necessary links to know the organization of your degree, summarizing and complementing the description contained in the degree report, where you can find additional information.

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In order for you to get the most out of our innovative academic model, Universidad Europea offers you the most advanced laboratories and simulation rooms, equipped with the most innovative technology.

Start your future at Universidad EuropeaChoosing what to study is one of the most important decisions, so we have a process and an advisory team that will help guide you along the way. In 3 steps you can become a student at Universidad Europea.

Participate in our Open Days to learn first-hand about our advanced Academic Model of Experiential Learning, the teaching team that is already thinking about your future, the different training programs that we offer and how you will begin your studies this coming academic year.

As part of its strategy, the University has an internal quality plan whose objective is to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement, and to face future challenges with the maximum guarantee of success. In this way, it is committed to: promoting the achievement of external recognition and accreditation, both nationally and internationally; the measurement and analysis of results; simplification in management; and the relationship with external regulators.

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