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octubre 3, 2022

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The need is urgent, as the demand for more college-trained workers, coupled with the rising cost of living in Colorado, have complicated employers’ efforts to recruit and retain employees.Former state Sen. Mike Johnston said the state has long relied on attracting talent from elsewhere.

«We’ve leveraged that strategy as much as possible,» Johnston said. Johnston is president and CEO of Gary Ventures, a philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting better school readiness, success among young people and economic mobility. «Now we’re going to have to equip our own young people with the skills they need to get into the jobs we have that will give them the income they need to pay for the housing we have,» he said.

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Broward Center for American Studies in Ecuador is an International Center of Broward College authorized to teach Associate of Arts. Students registered at BCAE are students of Broward College. This means that each student’s academic records are maintained at this institution and if they complete the requirements for the Associate’s Degree, the Associate’s Degree will be issued by Broward College. At the time of transfer, academic records are issued and sent directly from Broward College, FL. Broward College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of Colleges of Atlanta, Georgia.

At Broward College Centro de Estudios Americanos in Ecuador we are known for offering the best quality education and services that are affordable and accessible to all students. We are committed to maintaining the highest academic standards of integrity, in compliance with all the requirements of our accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of Colleges of Atlanta, Georgia.

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The main objective of the degree is to train teachers in Early Childhood Education who are able to function in different contexts (rural and urban, multicultural and monocultural, regional, national and international, etc.); who are able to adapt to social, cultural, scientific, technological and educational changes; who master the different subjects and their interdisciplinary relationship; who are critical and possess initiative; who are able to reflect on their practice and who are committed to their profession. They will also be trained to practice other professions related to Early Childhood Education, both in the formal and non-formal areas.

The generalist training is intended to train Early Childhood Education teachers competent in all levels of the stage and in all areas of the curriculum, in such a way that they master all the contents of Early Childhood Education and its interdisciplinary relationship, so that, in this way, they can -based on the principles of this stage- achieve the objectives of the same. This training is also focused on enabling graduates to develop all the functions of Early Childhood Education teachers. And all this, with critical capacity and with the ability to adapt efficiently to rapidly changing environments.

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