Aalto university summer internship

noviembre 1, 2022

Icade madrid

Doctoral seminars Organiser and/or panelist of training seminars for doctoral students at University of St Andrews, Univeristy of Glasgow (Screen conferences), Masaryk University, Aalto University, Utrech University, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of the Basque Country.

Aida Vallejo, Methodology of film analysis in documentaries. Seminar offered within the framework of the European Master in Latin American Studies, module: Cinema and Cultural Studies. An approach to the imaginaries of Latin America.

In this way we intend to address methodological issues on the study of film (but also of other types of communication practices in general) and reflect on practical and theoretical issues that allow a better understanding of the researcher’s «field» work.

The seminar is aimed at Master’s and PhD students in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies to reinforce theoretical and methodological frameworks in the analysis of contemporary cultural and artistic production, but is open to all graduate students and young researchers interested in this field of study.

Universidad pontificia comillas derecho

Through the association they are dedicated to promoting social assistance, and thus contribute to achieving a more inclusive, resilient and participatory society. Eriz Delgado, being passionate about people, has created these workshops so that everyone can feel included in society. «Some say they are innovative projects, but what I try to do is not to discriminate against anyone,» he says.

In addition, he is also part of Bordillo Aplastao, a movement that fights against ableism – a social, political and economic system that discriminates against people with disabilities just because they are disabled – so that everyone can feel fully integrated into our society.

Ade and international relations

The Unite!  -the European University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering- is made up of the UPC, the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Aalto University, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Grenoble INP graduate schools of engineering and management (University Grenoble Alpes), the Politecnico di Torino and the Universidade de Lisboa. The aim of the meeting was to share ideas and learn from best practices in the fields of teaching and research, on which the Unite! alliance is already working, in order to build the European university of the future.

In 2019, the European Commission (EC) proposed the European Universities Initiative to drive the creation of the European Education Area by 2025. Unite! is one of the main alliances to respond to this challenge, which must be carried out by the most competitive European universities, attractors of talent and agents for the transfer of knowledge in a global world with great university references in other continents, such as Asia or America.

Universidad pontificia comillas erasmus

We live in a hybrid and complex world, dominated by uncertainty and discontinuity. In this environment, we must all learn to think deeply, but much more fluidly; learn to be proactive rather than reactive; learn to overcome cultural biases and linear processes; learn to be, in short, explorers of new possibilities.

A visionary, holistic and inclusive team, specially configured in collaboration with your organization, explores and proposes new possibilities through a process that includes a tailored and flexible series of creative wokshops. The process can be condensed into three stages that constitute the fundamentals of creative exploration: Locate, Inquire and Unveil.

The ability to unveil is inspired by intuitive leaps, specifically in its ability to bring dissimilar domains closer to each other and to preserve tacit knowledge in the leap between them. Unveiling» is intimately linked to «opening to», in the sense of being willing to do things differently, to move from one sphere of habits to another.

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