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octubre 10, 2022

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The «Longwood Campus» building at the corner of Brookline and Longwood Avenues, which had been the university’s main campus since 1930, is acquired by neighboring Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which integrates the building into its facilities (preserving the exterior facade, but gutting and reconstructing the interior).

The 2D Fine Arts department organizes an annual Master Print Series, where MassArt invites a visiting artist to work collaboratively with students and faculty in the printmaking department to produce professional-grade editions for the artist.[11] The MassArt Auction, a MassArt auction, is an annual event that is held at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The MassArt Auction, a ticketed event organized by Institutional Advancement, takes place in April and features important artwork that is sold to directly benefit student scholarships.[12] The MassArt Auction is held in April and features important artwork that is sold to directly benefit student scholarships.[12] MassArt is located in Huntington.

MassArt is located on Huntington Avenue, which has been designated and signed as «The Avenue of the Arts» in Boston. The campus is also adjacent to the Longwood Medical Area, and its immediate neighbors on Longwood Avenue include Harvard Medical School and MCPHS University (formerly Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences). Nearby neighbors along Huntington Avenue include the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (ISGM), the Museum of Fine Arts, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Further along «The Avenue of the Arts» are Northeastern University, Boston University Theater, Boston Symphony Hall, Horticultural Hall, and the New England Conservatory of Music.


Limerick missed out on a new technical college in 1966 with the establishment of the Regional Technical Colleges, as the Department of Education decided to establish a National Institute of Higher Education (later to become the University of Limerick). The reconvened Limerick City VEC planned to build Limerick Technical College and acquired land at Moylish Park to do this. The college opened in 1975 and has since become the main campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology.

When CoACT finally achieved RTC status in 1992, work began to find a suitable location for the college. The Convent of the Good Shepherd on Clare Street was purchased from the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in October 1994 and some emergency remodeling allowed occupancy in January 1995. Further refurbishment and development work was carried out and its final stage was completed in September 2008.

Major refurbishment and construction work has been carried out on the site in two phases. The first saw the refurbishment of much of the main building and chapel in the late 1990s. The second phase was completed in August 2008 and involved the construction of additional space, additional remodeling and substantial construction work, including a new entrance to Clare Street.

Instituto de Artes de Barcelona

Pintor, dibujante, educador y crítico de arte. Bonilla comenzó su vida como artista bajo la dirección de Ramón Frade. Posteriormente estudió en Boston en la Escuela de Bellas Artes Childe Walker y en la Escuela de Verano Ernst Thurn, con el pintor Hans Hofmann. En 1935, con una beca del gobierno de Puerto Rico, viajó a Europa, donde estudió en la Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando en Madrid, en París con André Lhote y Othon Friez, y en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Florencia; también aprovechó su estancia para viajar mucho por Europa. En 1950 regresó a Puerto Rico y se convirtió en cofundador del Estudio 17. Entre sus aportaciones a las artes visuales en Puerto Rico destacan su labor como profesor en la Universidad de Puerto Rico (1956-1975) y su trabajo como crítico de arte en los periódicos de la isla (1976-1986). Su obra dio varios giros estilísticos, y en los años setenta se vio influenciado por corrientes vanguardistas como el Op Art y el Arte Cinético, que siguió junto a su pintura representativa. Su obra refleja un especial interés por la figura humana y un considerable talento en el uso del color.

Arta ceramics

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