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septiembre 8, 2022

Colegio Imperial de Londres

¿Te interesa la actuación? ¿Te has preguntado alguna vez cómo es la formación en la escuela de teatro? Las solicitudes para nuestra Compañía Juvenil: Acting están abiertas hasta el 12 de septiembre.Parte de nuestro trabajo de Acceso y Participación, se trata de un curso de teatro de 10 meses de duración que tiene lugar los sábados por la mañana y que ofrece a los jóvenes de entre 16 y 20 años la oportunidad de experimentar la formación de actores.Independientemente de tu experiencia o formación, queremos personas apasionadas, curiosas y con ganas de aprender.Leer más

Fundada en 1904, ofrecemos formación profesional para actores, directores de escena, diseñadores y especialistas en artes escénicas. Nuestra comunidad es diversa, unida por una pasión compartida por la creación teatral, el poder de las historias y cómo se cuentan.

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But thanks to Jobst Cursen and the Schlosser couple, the acting schools in Berlin and Stuttgart have developed with full courses and in place of the closed language school at the Goetheanum.

I will now turn to the central theme of my speech, the Intergovernmental Conference, which is entering its final phase and of which Mr. Antonione has given a very balanced and commendable review.

The better the relationship between decision-makers and users of the education system, the more relevant, efficient, transparent and better controlled the education services are likely to be.)

Because most schools do not offer a full time position for drama and speech, most artists also teach other subjects which allows them to be more integrated into the school. anthroposophisc…

country to the other, there was a general sharing of responsibilities and functions between the central, provincial, municipal, and school levels which was not always well-defined.

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The arts keep images and imagination alive, restoring and nourishing our creative capacity. They share their vitality through the truth that opens up in the experience of beauty, they welcome in their images both pain and pleasure, suffering and joy, and they question us about our way of being in the world. The arts invite us to come out of the anesthesia that today’s world promotes to give us back the ability to transform our lives and the space we inhabit. The arts invite us to encounter the aesthetic dimension of life.

The expressive arts understand that human beings have the capacity to respond creatively to the diverse situations that arise in life. The expressive arts, through art making, play and ritual, allow us to enliven and make full use of the imagination, in which new possibilities, which have not been evident in our daily lives, emerge.

To create from the expressive arts is a way to freely affirm ourselves as human beings, it is a way to listen to the soul of the world and dialogue with the diverse beings that inhabit it, it is to make poiesis and respond from our resources to the mystery of everything that happens in life.« Odette Amaranta VelezStudies

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Heidy was born in Puerto Rico, where she studied dance and theater at the Carolina School of Fine Arts, followed by a B.A. in Theatre Education from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras. He completed his MFA in Community and University Theatre Education at New York University and has also trained at the Center for Theatre of the Oppressed and Teatreros Ambulantes de Río Piedras. In 2015 she relocated with her family to Cambridge, UK to be part of the homeschooling community.

Virginia was born in Madrid and has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University. She completed the pedagogical aptitude course at the Faculty of Education and her first job was in a children’s publishing house. In Almeria she worked as an art and English teacher in kindergarten and after-school in schools. In 2013 she moved to Cambridge, where she worked as T.A. and Playworker at St. Paul School.

She started working as a Medical Physics teacher. She combined this job with her studies in Philosophy, which she finished with the best record. She completed a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science (University of Santiago de Compostela), followed by a Master’s degree in Education. In 2017 he moved to England to pursue his PhD in Education (University of Cambridge). He is currently training at the Cambridge Academic Partnership.

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