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octubre 22, 2022

Animation and digital art universities in colombia

president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation Digital Animation , Film and VFX Program 2023Digital Animation and 3D Animation Film specialization.see moreART and CREATIVE DIRECTION FOR VIDEO GAMESPROGRAM 20232D and 3D For Video GamesSee moreGAME PROGRAMMERUpcomingGAME DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRAMMINGUpcomingVIDEOGAME SHOOTING

DISCOVERING THEM AFTER GRADUATIONOur graduates stand out with the skills acquired in school and with the ability to adapt to the constant changes of this multi-faceted industry.  49 Nominations / 5 short film winners120+ students40 graduates of the school OUR PROGRAMS ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE INDUSTRY AND THOSE WHO ARE PART OF IT.

Digital arts universities colombia

The Digital Arts Engineer is a competent professional in problem solving, creation, production, programming, and project management of multimedia applications, animations, visual effects and video games, with solid knowledge bases in engineering, arts and technology.  The Engineer has the strengths in the above areas to master the technologies that are at the forefront to manage articulated projects and systematic and strategic processes.

Academia de arte

El Ministerio de Educación y las universidades coreanas han promovido activamente el lema «Estudiá en Corea», con miras a aumentar la competitividad internacional, los intercambios internacionales y la cooperación.

Los solicitantes que esperan graduarse antes del 28 de febrero deben presentar un certificado de expectativa de graduación en el momento de la solicitud, y presentar el certificado oficial de graduación (título o diploma) a Karts a más tardar el 28 de febrero.

-Los solicitantes deben presentar al menos 3 cartas de recomendación. Una recomendada por el gobierno, los ministerios y las organizaciones diplomáticas, el rector de la institución educativa pública y / o jefe de las organizaciones aprobadas por el gobierno podría recibir puntos de admisión adicionales.

El objetivo del Programa de Becas de Arte Mayor Asiático (AMA) es apoyar a los estudiantes con talento artístico para que realicen estudios avanzados y de habilidad en la Universidad Nacional de Artes de Corea con el fin de promover los intercambios internacionales en la educación y la amistad mutua entre los países.

Visual Arts Engineering

Oct 20, 2022 | Communication and StrategyCafé con CED this time teamed up with the paint company SUR to develop a practical ceramic workshop in the School’s Prototyping laboratory, coordinated by Claudia Aguilera.    The activity was developed in two sessions: Molding and Painting.    In both…

Oct 5, 2022 | SchoolLast Tuesday, October 4, we made official a cooperation agreement with the software company Applaudo Studios, which aims to promote the development of exchange programs and reciprocal training, as well as research and development projects….

Oct 5, 2022 | SchoolOn September 21 we signed a new agreement with SNBX to promote the business ideas of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The signing ceremony was attended by Federico Harrison, rector of the ECMH; Rodrigo Molina Aceto, coordinator of the Emprende program;…

Oct 4, 2022 | SchoolThe duo that won first place in the advertising creativity contest, Adventure Week, is getting ready to travel to Cartagena, Colombia, on October 26, to be part of the Latin American Summit of the Creative Economy, +Cartagena, to be held from October 27 to…

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