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julio 20, 2022

Autonomous University of Madrid

Where to submit the documents: At the University Master’s Degree Service, by appointment at CIGES. Documentation to be submitted after the completion of enrollment: (if you cannot submit the documents in person you can send all documents through the register of one of the offices described in Article 16.4 of Law 39/2015. In those offices they can notarize the documents you send). The address of the International Graduate School is Avda. Madrid, 13. 18071 Granada. Students of the Master’s Degree in Teaching will receive information from the specific administrative team in October.

Foreign graduates with an accredited degree. Original of the degree with which they have accessed the Master (or proof of having paid the fees for its issuance), or credential of homologation of the foreign degree and copy for its verification.

Students who wish to do so may request a special call for a subject in which they have been enrolled in previous years, provided that they are missing a maximum of two subjects to complete their studies, without taking into account in this calculation the Master’s Thesis.

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All the information about the PAP to access the degree of Early Childhood Education and the degree of Primary Education can be found in the section on the personal aptitude tests (PAP) of the Canal Universitats website.

If you are a student of a higher education cycle (CFGS) you can access the university without having to pass an entrance exam. Your university admission grade will be the grade obtained in the training cycle you have studied, a grade between 5 and 10 points.

If you want to raise your grade to 14 points, you must take the specific phase of the university entrance exam.  It is important that you find out which subjects are weighted for the university studies you want to take. The subjects you have taken will be taken into account, as long as you obtain a minimum score of 5 points.

All the information about the PAP to access the degree in Early Childhood Education and the degree in Primary Education can be found in the section on the personal aptitude tests (PAP) of the Canal Universitats website.

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This abundant heritage of artistic interest in need of research and protection was more than enough argument to initiate a process that culminated with the approval of the Degree in History of Art, which began in the 1995-1996 academic year (Resolution of October 18, 1995. B.O.E. of November 14), registering a strong demand among the student body, being since then, together with the Degree in English Philology, the most requested studies of those offered by our Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

«From such data it can be deduced that the main activity in which our professionals are found (26%) is in professional activities in museums, exhibition centers, galleries, antique dealers, among others. These, together with the profiles related to heritage, together make up 58% of the professional opportunities.

Confirming these data from the White Paper survey, in a recent meeting in April 2009, on the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the completion of their studies of the first graduating class of the Bachelor of Art History, we were able to verify that of the 23 graduates participating, all of them were working. Among them, 76% were working in activities related to Heritage Management and Education at different levels, another 11% were working in tasks related to the Production, Documentation and Dissemination of Contents, while only 13% were working in fields unrelated to Art History.

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Cinema is a relevant element of that complex universe we call Culture, specifically of the world Culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. If we assume that Cinematography is an artistic expression, a historical and sociological record, a means of entertainment and a source that generates economic resources, we will understand the importance of the subject and its unquestionable transcendence in the field of higher education or research. Considering the novelty and importance of the object of study, as well as the degree of originality of the new degree in the scenario of university education, it is necessary to consider, at least as a starting point, some reflections related to the justification and objectives of the new Degree in Film and Culture at the University of Cordoba.

– Be able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of making judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.

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