Activities for university students

septiembre 30, 2022

Students carried out activities in support of mobilization

Work is being done with students to identify those who do not have regular contact with the school and the reasons for this. The idea is that the head teacher has information on the enrollment of his or her class, and from this form the directors and/or sponsors can know if the students are in constant contact or if they require more support.

The Innovation Center added a new alternative to support the pedagogical process at a distance. Thanks to an agreement with Microsoft, the entire educational community of the country will benefit from access to the online version of Office.

Since the suspension of on-site classes on March 15, the Ministry of Education has implemented various measures and plans to avoid interrupting the learning process and to provide social support to the students who make up the school system.

Nicolás Maduro | Meeting with Education Students

We know that at the end of this process we will have an orderly university system that is capable of training better professionals. On this path, our efforts will always be focused on ensuring the right to a quality university education.

Likewise, we inform you that as part of the termination of activities, the university with a denied license will give you a form so that you can choose the mechanism of continuation of studies that you decide.

It is important that you fill out this document because it will allow us to follow up on the fulfillment of the university’s obligations to you. If you wish to change your continuation of studies at a later date, you can communicate it to the university.  Check the form here.

The Universidad Autónoma is committed to accept students coming from the Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, after fulfilling the academic requirements approved for this purpose. In addition, the UA agrees to conduct entrance exams, proficiency exams, validation of courses and other modalities it deems appropriate. (Read complete agreement)

Students participate in exchange activities

Alternative with inverted learning methodology: the key word in this method is inverted, inverting what is done before, during and after the classes. Take advantage of the before, instead of the during, for the students to review the main contents, prepare a video of about 5 to 10 minutes with the important aspects of the topic, and ask them to watch it before the class, to answer some questions. This will allow a better use of the time you spend (virtually) with your students.

Alternative with a reversed learning methodology: make a more productive and enriching use of the time during the class, dedicating it mainly to explaining or demonstrating more complex concepts, exercises, discussions, presentations, cases and resolution of doubts. This can be done given that the knowledge presentation was done before the class.

Regardless of the modality of your course, i.e., whether it is face-to-face, online, blended or combined, it will always be important to determine precisely what students will learn along with the steps and stages to achieve it (Eberly Center, 2020). At the current juncture of the health contingency, this is no different. While it is likely to be complicated to maintain the same learning objectives you had planned for the face-to-face sessions, it is possible and desirable to determine realistic and appropriate learning objectives for the transition to non-face-to-face courses.

The university exhibition for ninth graders

The transition from high school to college requires many changes. However, even though your student is beginning a new chapter in his or her life, he or she will still need mental, emotional and physical support from parents, guardians and family members. This support is something that many college students value, however, it can be difficult for parents.

Family support is important for any college student. More than anything, let your student know that you care. This will help them feel the love from home and be more confident in college. If you think of other ways to support your college student, share your ideas on social media with the hashtag #tbirdnation.

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