Advice for students starting university

octubre 18, 2022

Strategies for permanence in higher education: significant experiences.

There are scholarships that students can apply for prior to beginning college courses. It is important for students and their parents to be aware of these opportunities. Organized by different grade levels, this checklist highlights important deadlines and benchmarks that prospective students will encounter as they prepare for college.

While most college planning generally takes place in high school, there is one obvious exception that most families invariably want to start earlier: college savings plans. With the rising cost of higher education, this has become an important part of any college planning guide for prospective students and their parents.

While there is no forecast of the future, students and their families are wise to do everything they can to anticipate their future costs. For example, parents can estimate their son/daughter’s total college expenses by using the FAFSA4Caster Survey Tool on the official Federal Financial Aid website. Read on for more information about student aid and other alternative means of obtaining financial support for college.

Strategies for student retention

My why is «To connect curiosity with opportunities so that together we can stimulate positive change.» So, if you are curious, take a look at the international opportunities on my website; change starts here!

LeandroThe doubts you have when you want to study a degree in the UK can be many and varied. When I contacted Kathy, the treatment I received and the personalized attention I had from the first contact with her….

Iván10/10, Kathy is a lovely woman who has been looking after me so that I didn’t miss anything. She kept letting me know what I needed to do and helped me a lot in the whole selection process and thanks to her I…

BlancaI met Kathryn at an event in Madrid, thanks to her I can now say that I am going to study in Liverpool. My family and I cannot thank her enough for the help and advice she has given us, without a doubt….

AmaliaNUEVO In my daughter’s case it was a coincidence to start the paperwork to study in England, or destiny, as Kathy said at the time. I am convinced that if everything has gone well it has been, without a doubt, because of…

Suggestions for universities

Current students with loans are eligible for this debt relief. Borrowers who are dependent students will be eligible for relief based on parental income, rather than their own income.

The Department of Education has also proposed regulatory changes to ensure more effective implementation of the PSLF program in the future. Specifically, the Department of Education has proposed to allow more payments to qualify for PSLF, including partial, lump sum, and late payments, and to allow certain types of deferments and forbearances, such as those for Peace Corps and AmeriCorps service, National Guard service, and military service, to qualify for PSLF. The Department of Education also proposed to ensure that the rules work better for non-tenured instructors whose colleges need to calculate their full-time employment.

To make sure borrowers are aware of the temporary changes, the White House has launched four PSLF Action Days dedicated to borrowers in specific sectors: government employees, educators, health care workers and first responders, and employees at nonprofits. You can read the President’s Letter to the Federal Workforce and learn more about the deadline for making temporary changes at You must submit your application to PSLF by the October 31, 2022 deadline for making temporary changes.

Which universities return to face-to-face classes 2022

Since 2005 we have found English students interested in doing internships in subjects such as marketing, sales, business development, digital marketing, tourism and communication, among others.

Internships for English students can be mandatory or voluntary depending on what is provided by each university. Most of the internships for English students are mandatory. At IES Consulting we work with internship agreements and NOT with internship contracts.

English interns usually start their internships between July and September, and sometimes in February. Companies wishing to hire an intern are advised to publish an internship offer for a native English student about three to four months before starting the internship.

The duration of the internship is determined by the English universities. When internships start between July and September, they usually last from 6 to 12 months; while if the internship starts in February, it usually lasts from 4 to 6 months. Most students prefer a 6-month internship.

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