Aeronautical engineering universities in russia

septiembre 13, 2022

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The nano-satellite was developed within the framework of the Interreg Sudoe program – co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – and the European Union’s Fire-RS project, and is the flight component of a pilot project designed for the early detection of forest fires.  To this end, it provides images of the fire by drones to the emergency services, which facilitates its precise location, the prediction of the spread of the fire and other parameters to contribute to its extinction.

Its main mission is to provide bidirectional communication coverage to a set of terrestrial sensors for fire detection that are installed in natural parks and that have been developed by the CIMA group of the University of Vigo. The Lume-1 facilitates transmissions between the sensors installed on the ground and the drones in charge of locating the fire and delimiting its scope and dimensions.

Professor Fernando Aguado, principal investigator of the project and member of the faculty of the School of Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Vigo confirmed to Fly News that the Russian launcher 2 placed Lume-1 «at an altitude of about 500 kilometers», from where it will carry out its mission for «at least six months».

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We train highly qualified professionals to exercise their profession in the field of Aerospace Engineering and able to integrate into multidisciplinary working groups, showing ethical and responsible attitudes, respect for people, the social environment and the environment.

The entrance profile for the Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of León is focused on promoting, promoting and developing to the maximum the knowledge and skills necessary for the student, future professional of Aeronautical Engineering to comprehensively address the training provided in the basic and specific subjects of the curriculum.

The student who wishes to study for a degree in Aerospace Engineering must possess skills that allow him/her to integrate and skillfully manage the knowledge acquired during the training period. Success in these studies depends not only on the initial abilities, but also on the work during the career and above all on their motivation, not only for the study but also for being a skilled and responsible professional. The student should have an affinity for mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology, graphic expression, and user-level computing will be of great help.

Aerospace Engineering.

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Aeronautical engineering universities in russia 2022

El 12 de enero, un analista técnico de misiles de UNMOVIC participó en el curso de formación profesional del Instituto Americano de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica titulado «Modelado de seis grados de libertad»;

La ingeniera aeronáutica Elisa Bobolina ha comenzado a trabajar en la División Aeroespacial de SENER tras finalizar con éxito un curso de Máster en Astronáutica e Ingeniería Espacial en la Universidad de Cranfield.

Instituto Europeo de Política Espacial (ESPI), la Academia Internacional de Astronáutica (IAA), la Federación Astronáutica Internacional (IAF), la Unión Astronómica Internacional (IAU), el Consejo Asesor de la Generación Espacial (SGAC), el Premio Internacional Príncipe Sultán Bin Abdulaziz del Agua (PSIPW) y la Fundación Mundo Seguro (SWF).

observadores de la Academia Internacional de Astronáutica (AIA), el Consejo Consultivo de la Generación Espacial, la Federación Astronáutica Internacional (FAI), la Fundación Mundo Seguro (SWF), el Instituto Europeo de Políticas del Espacio, el Premio Internacional del Agua Príncipe Sultán Bin Abdulaziz y la Unión Astronómica

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