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junio 24, 2022

The best universities to study business administration in Latin America.

The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight has taken on the challenge of training leaders of organizations with a vision of the future. This means: people who are aware of global change and the new global rules of the game, with the ability to mobilize companies and territories towards the construction of their future.

Failure to prepare for the future is tantamount to living in the vagaries of economic, social and technological changes, instead of anticipating them before they occur. This is how organizations, companies or territories that want to be competitive act, because they make the future their best ally instead of being surprised by it.

The students of the Master’s program have the option of receiving at the headquarters of «Futuribles» (47, rue de Babylone – 75007 Paris) an advanced training course in the principles and methods of foresight, interacting with its researchers and receiving a «Certificate» awarded by this illustrious and prestigious institution.

The Master’s students also have the option of attending a «Course on Territorial Foresight» given by ECLAC researchers, and to receive a Certificate awarded by this institution at its headquarters: Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3477, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.

Best universities to study business administration in mexico

We propose you to take a short work break of only 10 months, achieve focus and perspective. Start a process of self-knowledge and learning in a volatile environment of an emerging and multicultural market. Immersion 100% in English with the objective of acquiring leadership and general management tools that internationalize your profile and enhance global career opportunities.

The results back us up. We train graduates with skills that today’s companies demand. We prepare them to lead the changes of the future and make a social impact: we are the #1 business school in employability in South America (QS).

Best Business Administration Universities in Argentina

Academic training is complemented with specific courses, seminars, business meetings, conferences and internships that will increase your knowledge and experience. With this, you will not only be able to create new ties and links with companies and institutions, but also bet on self-employment in optimal conditions to fit successfully in today’s market.

You can also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training offered by the University of Jaén and all the activities aimed at improving your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides you with associated with this degree.

The Degree in Business Administration and Management is also offered as a joint degree with the degrees in Law and in Finance and Accounting of the University of Jaén, as an international double degree with:

In addition to the specified resources, the University of Jaén has additional material resources and services that can be grouped into three large blocks that deserve special mention: Library, ICTs and universal accessibility services and services for students with disabilities.

Best universities to study business administration in spain

In Life Sciences and Medicine, the ranking includes 9 sub-areas or specific subjects: Agriculture and Forestry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine.

In the following table you can find out which are the three best-ranked universities in each subarea of Life Sciences and Medicine, as well as their position worldwide (which will appear in parentheses next to each university).

The top three universities to pursue degrees related to medicine and life sciences are, in descending order: Harvard University (United States); University of Oxford (United Kingdom); and Stanford University (United States).

The UB is also among the top 50 universities in the world in the subfields of Anatomy and Physiology (35th in the world), Library and Information Management (37th) and Philosophy (46th).

To draw up the ranking, the QS consulting firm analyzed the universities in each of these areas of knowledge by evaluating four aspects: academic reputation and that of employers, citations of research articles and the so-called H Index, which assesses the productivity and impact of researchers.

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