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diciembre 4, 2022

Joining a doctorate in education

It also brings together specialists in Art, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, Law, Military History and Church History, which allows for the development of a high-level multidisciplinary program and the acquisition of competencies in other related social sciences.

The curriculum of the Master in History includes differentiating aspects, such as the transmission of knowledge in audiovisual support, the development of a research project, scientific production and other technical aspects, generally neglected in the training of historians.

You can choose to take this postgraduate program in person or online in streaming thanks to the Hyflex system to develop interactive sessions with students who are in the classroom and with those who participate live from home.

The main objective of the Master’s program is to prepare university researchers to pursue a PhD in Contemporary History. It gives direct access to the PhD program Humanities for the Contemporary World.

Join Ph.D.

D. is the highest academic degree conferred by universities or other authorized institutions.[1] A person who obtains this degree is called a doctor or doctora.[2] The granting of a doctorate implies recognition of the candidate as an equal by the faculty of the university where he or she has studied.

It is likely that the title passed to Latin America due to the cultural influence of the United States in the 1900s. Initially, the RAE listed the term as referring to physicians as colloquial, however, the term doctor to refer to professionals in the medical field (including dentists, veterinarians, and psychologists) has been incorporated in the new edition of the dictionary.[citation needed][citation needed].

In the United Kingdom, some universities refer to such doctorates as D.Phil. or Doctor of Philosophy, respectively.[10] This is the custom at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and formerly at the University of York.

Doctorate in administration Universidad de Manizales

I arrived in Valladolid and I could not stop feeling admiration for this city. For example, I had never seen such a big cathedral, or a church as beautiful as La Antigua, the infrastructure of almost the entire city fascinated me, as well as the Plaza Mayor, plus it had a river where I could go jogging in the afternoons. I kept sending pictures to my friends through social networks, the excitement drove me to it.

From the first day I started going to the University, always walking, cold, rain or heat, because I love walking and I wanted to make the most of this city. I went to my tutor, Silvia Bolado, who showed me the Chemical Engineering and Environment department and helped me to settle in the mentioned department. I took some Master courses to complement my stay. I planned and worked on my PhD activities performing lithium carbonate crystallization from lithium chloride and sodium carbonate in the presence of additives. Academically, it has been a very positive experience. I made many friends and networks to continue working in the future. Definitely, UVa is very good and I recommend it to go and study there.

Distance learning doctorates Universidad Complutense

The doctoral degree awarded recognizes a doctorate in research based on the defense of a thesis based on original research, therefore, the equivalent of the PhD or Philosophiae Doctor.

The doctorate is conceived as an intellectual enrichment of the doctoral student who freely decides to approach a research topic, develop it following scientific parameters, submit it to the criticism of other doctors and conclude it by providing an objective, general, systematic and verifiable result.

The doctorate can mean, for the doctoral student, an improvement in the professional world, allowing access to certain jobs or social recognition. But for the Universidad Francisco Marroquín it is the best way for our most valuable researchers to carry out a broad and deep reflection based on their knowledge, experiences and skills on the capacity of individuals to act in a free and responsible way.

The doctoral degree for which one is eligible recognizes a doctorate in research based on the defense of a thesis based on original research, therefore, the equivalent of the PhD or Philosophiae Doctor.

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