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septiembre 21, 2022

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The Earth System Sciences program is the first in Colombia and Latin America, is supported by research groups with high quality scientific production and has international support from prestigious institutes such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

In the context of biodiversity loss, climate change and global pandemics, solving environmental problems necessarily involves understanding the Earth as a complex and interconnected system, involving several scientific disciplines.

The country and the planet need professionals who can address the great current and future environmental, social and climatic challenges from a holistic and integrative vision based on research.

It offers lines of deepening in Solid Earth, Climatology, Biogeochemistry and Hydrology and its interaction with other strengths of the Universidad del Rosario such as biology, human sciences, politics and emerging engineering.

Urosary Earth System Sciences

Magnificent EventLast Tuesday June 1st the Museum for the National Identity of Honduras gathered the cream of the Honduran television and film industry in a magnificent event. We would like to thank Raquel Melgar and Erick Vasquez who attended on behalf of the students of film engineering.

Read moreClosing ceremony of the Diploma in «Top Management «The closing ceremony of the Diploma in «Top Management» took place, the ceremony was presided by University authorities Jance Carolina Funes and Engineer Luis Eveline, the director of INJUPEMP, MSc. Martha Doblado and the instructor of the diploma, Francisco Galeano.

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The mandatory internship is also an example of hands-on learning, leading students to work in the field and learn from more experienced professionals. Not all graduations require the completion of the mandatory internship. However, most students have the opportunity to complete an internship during their graduation period, which already allows them to be included in the labor market.

The diploma is a differential in the curriculum that adds to your professional qualification. Primary and secondary education are present in almost all candidates’ curricula. Considering that, this basic training is not enough.

There are several types of university careers; and within each one of them, we can find several bachelor’s and/or engineering degrees. Below, we share the main categories or types of university careers:

Thus, for example, in the health area we can find the university career of medicine or nursing; while in natural sciences we find biology or ecology; or in social sciences, anthropology or sociology, among others.

Urosary biology

Throughout her career, Raisin fought for equality in education, specifically for the right of female students to study at the university and become researchers or teachers. In 1808, she founded the Somerville Club, a women’s discussion group that would grow to more than 1,000 members by 1945; she was the club’s honorary secretary and later president. At Bedford College she sometimes paid the salaries herself and set up various funds and awards to encourage students to do good work.[2] She was a pioneer in providing the opportunity for women to receive higher education. She also provided employment opportunities for other women. In 1911, Ira Slater worked with her as an assistant in the geography department.[12] After retiring, Raisin returned to working with women’s groups.[1] In 1911, Raisin worked with her as an assistant in the geography department.[1] In 1911, Raisin worked as an assistant in the geography department.

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