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junio 21, 2022

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Industrial Engineering has its origins in the former Administration and Programming section, an academic unit attached to the Department of Chemical Engineering. At the end of the 80’s it changed its name to Industrial Management and was entrusted with the training of students of the Engineering careers in the areas of Economic Engineering, Project Preparation and Evaluation, Fundamentals of Economics, Business Administration and in-depth studies. Fundamentals of Economics, Business Administration and in-depth studies. A deepening line is developed in Plant Engineering and Management and a second line in Business Management and Economics.

In fact, it seeks to train professionals with solid scientific bases, technical and methodological knowledge, with research, creative, analytical and synthesis skills, critical and communicative attitude, leadership, human sense, social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit:

These objectives are in line with the institutional mission and vision expressed in the General Statute,Agreement 011 of 2005 and Agreement 033 of 2007 of the University Superior Council that gives the guidelines for the training process of students, namely:

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Study Mechatronics Engineering in Medellin to have a comprehensive and holistic understanding of new devices, machines, processes and systems and, therefore, be frontline players in the technological development of industries and the country in general.

The field of action of the Mechatronics Engineer is not restricted to the productive sector since he/she will also be able to offer technological solutions in the health, transportation, communications and environmental sectors, among others.

The flexibility offered in the semester of special projects allows a deeper approach of students with the world of business, research, entrepreneurship or academic practice in the national or international levels.

A Mechatronic Engineer develops and manages mechanical systems, through technological applications in industry for the achievement of world-class production standards, which contribute to the progress of the country.

Solve problems, which support personal and professional decision making, by identifying the system, its context, its parts, its interrelationships and its dynamic behavior, and determining the key structural elements that must be acted upon to solve the problem.

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The Department of Engineering has academic programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and six associate degrees at the Institute of Engineering Technology in various branches, some leading to bachelor’s degrees in engineering.

The Department of Engineering offers fourteen programs, ranging from associate degrees to master’s degrees and graduate certificates.    Some of the programs offered are Associate Degree in Aviation Science in Professional Pilot Technology, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Master of Engineering Management, among others.

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