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julio 15, 2022

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Genomic Sciences study the complete genetic information of a living being that is inherited from parents to children and that makes us what we are, in contrast to the study of isolated genes of classical genetics. Genome studies can be approached from comparative, functional, evolutionary, global regulation genomics with network analysis and mathematical modeling (systems biology). New fields have opened up such as genomic medicine, paleogenomics (the study of fossil genomes or ancient DNA), oncogenomics (cancer genomics), proteogenomics (the study of proteins based on the genome), metagenomics (of many environmental species), phylogenomics (relationships between species with genomic data) and epigenomics. Genomics has extended its influence in all branches of biology, medicine and agriculture.

The general objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Genomic Sciences is to train the human resources required by the country to achieve an optimal development of Genomic Sciences, which affect a wide range of human activities, both academic and professional.

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(E-6 Analytics)Double Degree in Business Analytics/Business Analytics and International RelationsCheck here all the information about the development of the teaching activity in the current academic year 2021-2022.

Executive and management positions in companies Business Analyst, strategic consultant, advisor Project manager, product manager Executive and management positions in senior state administration bodies

Participate in Informative Sessions and Conferences. This step is not essential, but prospective candidates are encouraged to go deeper into the programs, learn about the curricula, consult doubts and gather additional information.Apply for admission. The process is initiated via the web, once the decision has been made as to the degree program to which the applicant wishes to apply. If necessary, you can apply for scholarships and grants at the same time you apply for admission.

Formalize enrollment. Once admitted, the student must formalize the enrollment. The process is initiated via the web, but it is necessary to submit the registration form and additional documentation to the General Secretary’s Office before the end of June.

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Finding and getting into the right college can be a daunting task, but it can also lead to very rewarding opportunities for career and personal development. There are many national programs and state laws that allow undocumented students to attend the college of their choice. The following guide is intended to help these students navigate the many exciting options available to them in order to achieve their educational goals.

Beyond these legal realities, it is important to remember that many undocumented students are victims of circumstances beyond their control. Most of them were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age. They have learned English, completed high school, and have integrated into communities considering themselves to be Americans.

Many students believe that their undocumented status will prevent them from attending college. These undocumented students may live in fear of being exposed and deported if they apply. This should not be a concern for prospective college students, as it is against the law for institutions of higher education to report a student’s immigration status without their permission.

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The Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH) is a Jesuit university located in the center of Santiago, Chile. UAH has emphasized its development in the area of education, social sciences and humanities, with the aim of understanding the complexity of the economic, political and cultural problems of the national and Latin American reality.

The Exchange Program is aimed at foreign university students who wish to advance in their own field of study, fully integrating themselves into university life alongside Chilean students, taking courses in the undergraduate programs offered by the following faculties:

In order to carry out an exchange program at Universidad Alberto Hurtado, it is necessary that the student’s home university has signed an exchange agreement with UAH. This agreement allows the student to remain a regular student at his/her university but to take courses abroad that will later be validated.

It is very important that the person interested in an exchange program approaches the international office of his or her institution and consults about the Universidad Alberto Hurtado, its application dates, requirements and documents to be submitted, etc.

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