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septiembre 5, 2022

Keynote: Hermann Pais

Since I knew about the DSJ initiative I did not hesitate to join it and support them in everything I could for the organization of the datathons. It is clear that this platform will drive a change in data science jobs.

If you want to find jobs related to new technologies this is your site. I set up an alert for myself and, since then, I am aware of all the new job offers that might fit me. I love the training and events part, I’m up to date with everything!  ?

From the first moment, I was fascinated by this platform, simple, intuitive and above all specific, I was tired of going to interviews and the recruiters didn’t even know what they were looking for. I applied to one of their offers and within a month I had already found a job as a data scientist, highly recommended!

«contemporary art.»

Finding and getting into the right college can be a daunting task, but it can also lead to very rewarding opportunities for career and personal development. There are many national programs and state laws that allow undocumented students to attend the college of their choice. The following guide is intended to help these students navigate the many exciting options available to them in order to achieve their educational goals.

Beyond these legal realities, it is important to remember that many undocumented students are victims of circumstances beyond their control. Most of them were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age. They have learned English, completed high school, and have integrated into communities considering themselves to be Americans.

Many students believe that their undocumented status will prevent them from attending college. These undocumented students may live in fear of exposure and deportation if they apply. This should not be a concern for prospective college students, as it is against the law for institutions of higher education to report a student’s immigration status without their permission.

Presentation of Feuga scholarships.

The Financial Aid Program Office is committed to contribute to the achievement of the academic and professional goals of the students of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao by providing financial support within available resources. The funds we administer in the Financial Aid Office come from federal, state institutional and private sources. Assistance is offered through scholarships, student loans and the Work-Study program. With this student support exercise, we seek to meet the student’s financial need within the available resources, the student’s willingness to apply for services, and the adjustment of the new financial aid mechanisms that are developed.

Provide the necessary services so that the students of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao receive the financial aid applicable to their needs and that affirms their academic persistence. Serve as support in the application, processing and receipt of federal, state and institutional aid following the applicable regulations for each one of them.

Master’s Degree in Biomedicine. University of Cadiz

We will explore current trends and challenges in plant breeding through practical theoretical exercises. Target: Students and professionals from the agricultural, biotechnology and academic sectors.

University #1 in Ecuador and #65 in Latin America by QS Latin America Rankings 2021. Our educational model is aimed at training professional leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, serving the community within the philosophy of the Liberal Arts and integrating all sectors of local and regional society.

We develop academic programs of conservation, science and development in the Galapagos Islands through the Galapagos Science Center in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, contributing to the welfare of local communities and environmental preservation.

We generate value through educational consulting, training and courses, gastronomic culture, technologies and more. A modern and versatile higher education center, promoting innovative, inclusive and diverse responses.

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