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junio 25, 2022

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The main reason for taking a Cambridge exam is to increase your future job prospects. An exam such as the Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency (CPE) is valuable proof of your level of English, which you can include on your CV when you apply for a job. It will demonstrate to your future employer that you have the necessary skills for your future job. However, some scholarships or university courses may also ask for a CAE or CPE certificate instead of an IELTS certificate.

There is only one test for all IELTS levels. However, there are two different versions: one for Academic English and one for General English. As there is only one test for all levels, taking the IELTS at an intermediate level is more complicated than taking it at an advanced level.

You cannot fail an IELTS test. In return, you receive a score from 0 to 9 (with 9 being the highest). Normally the immigration office or university will tell you which band you need to score in to be able to apply successfully. Here is a brief description of each band:

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I think the service is very good, I think they have a way of explaining things much more dynamic and that makes people absorb more knowledge more easily, my teacher is a very patient person with us because if we do not understand something, she takes the time to explain it and I think that being few in the course also makes us know how to get along better and thus, have more knowledge.

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Si. Los exámenes Oxford están formados por 4 módulos (habilidades) independientes: Speaking, Listening, Reading y Writing, se puede elegir cualquier módulo y personalizar el examen atendiendo las necesidades del alumno.

Los exámenes de Trinity están regulados externamente en el Reino Unido y reconocidos por las autoridades educativas de muchos países del mundo.  Más información sobre el reconocimiento internacional de los títulos de inglés de Trinity.

Cambridge English Language Assessment lleva a cabo una amplia investigación para asegurarse de que obtienes el resultado más justo y preciso, y de que el examen es relevante para la gama de usos que puedes necesitar.

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The B2 First Regular course requires an upper intermediate level or a Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET) certificate, or you must have completed our Cambridge B1 Preliminary course. Additionally, for the B2 First Crash Intensive course you must have completed a previous FCE course. If not, the student may be asked to take a free placement test.

For the C1 Advanced Regular course, advanced level or Cambridge B2 First certificate or completion of our Cambridge B2 First course is required. Additionally, for the C1 Advanced Crash Intensive course you must have completed a previous CAE course. If not, the student may be asked to take a free placement test.

High Advanced or have the Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) certificate or have completed our Cambridge C1 Advanced course. Otherwise, the student may be asked to take a free placement test.

Intermediate or have the Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET) certificate or have completed our Cambridge B1 Preliminary course. Otherwise, students may be asked to take a free placement test.

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