Cornell university masters programs

octubre 20, 2022

Cornell master cs

cursan el grado de Dirección de Empresas-BBA, la licenciatura en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, el Máster en Dirección de Empresas, el «Master of Science», el «Master pf Research in Management Sciences» y el «Master PhD in Management».

Este nuevo centro acogerá a 1.500 alumnos de las siguientes titulaciones Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA, Master of Business Administration, «Master of Science», «Master of Research in Management Sciences» y «PhD in Management Sciences».

Bilingüe e internacional: La perspectiva global del programa es evidente, como lo demuestran el contenido de su plan de estudios, los dos idiomas extranjeros exigidos, el gran número de clases impartidas en inglés, el programa de intercambio internacional, el contacto directo con alumnos de otros países que estudian en ESADE o participan en un programa de intercambio, la posibilidad de realizar prácticas en empresas de todo el mundo, la opción de cursar uno de los MSc Programmes in Management de ESADE impartidos íntegramente en inglés y la posibilidad de participar en la doble titulación

Cornell tech orie

The hybrid format allows students to personalize and make learning more flexible through ongoing training. In the hybrid classroom model, technology is integrated as an element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times.

Subjects or activities of free choice by the student to personalize a part of their master’s degree and thus complete their competency development. Students can choose subjects related or unrelated to their discipline, live an international experience or prepare for a certification.

The work is a real business project that is a challenge in which the student, in a transversal way, must demonstrate that the learning objectives have been met and that all the competencies acquired during the program have been developed.

The Master’s Final Project (TFM) involves the completion by students of an original Marketing Plan of a practical nature, under the supervision of a tutor, in which the contents acquired are applied and developed in the field of premium and luxury tourism.  The purpose is to demonstrate decision-making capacity, strengthen teamwork skills and the willingness to communicate the feasibility of a project. The TFM is done in a group and is defended before a panel composed of professors with professional experience and industry experts.

Harvard master’s degree

This master’s degree complements your university education and delves into different aspects such as clinical trials, the foundations of clinical research, the development of clinical research projects and the presentation of results to the scientific community.

With this master’s degree in clinical trials, with emphasis on oncology research, you will acquire advanced training in clinical research methodology, as well as a high-level knowledge of molecular biology applied to oncology. The knowledge acquired will enable you to actively participate in scientific projects in this area of knowledge.

This Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials and Oncology Research is taught in collaboration with the Vithas group, made up of 19 hospitals and 22 medical centers in 13 provinces. A Master of practical application that you will study in Vithas hospitals in Madrid.

The classes will be taught by leading professionals in this field who stand out for their great practical and research skills and who will offer a learning process that is totally close to the student.  The teaching staff of this master’s degree is 93% doctors of medicine.

Cornell university hospitality master’s degree

The Professional Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering is designed to train professionals who are able to meet the needs of the industrial and scientific environment, both nationally and internationally. This environment is characterized by its high dynamism, where changes occur at great speed. The Master must be able to respond to this continuous evolution.

The program is fully adapted to the recommendations for the verification of official degrees of the profession of Computer Engineering, of the General Secretariat of Universities (BOE August 4, 2009).

After acquiring all the competences of the Master in Computer Engineering, the student will be able to work in any company of the sector, but also to carry out teaching and research tasks.

Their training will position them as professionals with an advanced profile that will respond, due to their skills and solid training, to the expectations of the labor, academic and research world. Thanks to this training, they will be prepared to integrate themselves in such a changing environment as that of information technologies, not only when they first join the company or the administration, but also in the future.

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