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junio 29, 2022

Gsg what is it

My why is «To connect curiosity with opportunities so that together we can stimulate positive change.» So, if you are curious, take a look at the international opportunities on my website; change starts here!

LeandroThe doubts you have when you want to study a degree in the UK can be many and varied. When I contacted Kathy, the treatment I received and the personalized attention I had from the first contact with her….

Iván10/10, Kathy is a lovely woman who has been looking after me so that I didn’t miss anything. She kept letting me know what I needed to do and helped me a lot in the whole selection process and thanks to her I…

BlancaI met Kathryn at an event in Madrid, thanks to her I can now say that I am going to study in Liverpool. My family and I cannot thank her enough for the help and advice she has given us, without a doubt….

AmaliaNUEVO In my daughter’s case it was a coincidence to start the paperwork to study in England, or destiny, as Kathy said at the time. I am convinced that if everything has gone well it has been, without a doubt, because of…

Gsg education

Description Art History is a scientific and humanistic discipline whose main objective is the analysis of artistic production, its processes of creation and reception, as well as its social contribution within the history of culture, constituting a relevant and necessary knowledge in today’s society.

The Degree in History of Art is one of the most consolidated and sought-after degrees, with a constant demand for places, as it has increasing possibilities of insertion in an increasingly diversified and flexible labor market. The objectives of the degree are related to teaching, research, conservation and management of historical and artistic heritage, museology and the practice of artistic and cultural exhibitions and activities related to the art market.

The job prospects of these graduates are in direct intervention in cultural heritage through research, protection and conservation, restoration, management, dissemination or didactics.

Gsg education price

– I am planning to do an MIB* (Master International Business, … -graduates) in my city, Vigo, specifically at the Novacaixagalicia Business School. It has a duration of 8 months with 4 hours of class in the afternoon, from Monday to Thursday. I have read that the MIB here is in the top 5 nationally.

The university I want to go to is NYU Stern (as a first choice), and the Columbia option I would have to study it in comparison to other possible future offers. Other options will already be worthy of study in due course, but they would be the «classics». I love NY, so it takes precedence over almost any other city. I’ve heard good things about Fordham University (although I know it’s not top tier), any opinions?

I know that nothing I’ve done has been to steer me on that path. So I’m looking for advice on what I could do to make myself eligible to be a top candidate. The weakest point is work experience; the bad thing about devoting your whole life to «study». I know that there are MBAs that do not ask for work experience, it would be necessary to take them into account and evaluate the best options.

Gsg education scholarships

You can do an internship in one of the most important companies and institutions in the market. You can also choose to specialize in conference interpreting and, if you wish, you have the opportunity to take part of your studies at leading universities abroad.

In the Degree in Translation in Valencia we complete your training with general culture, skills and values that will make you a much more complete and qualified translator or interpreter. All subjects are eminently practical, it is a real learning experience thanks to the practice of different techniques. In addition, most of the texts/speeches used in class are real texts from the job market.

Thanks to the solidarity translation agency Ubuntu, students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Translation in Valencia learn from the very first year how to develop in the professional world by occupying different positions in a real agency.

Study in an innovative urban campus in the heart of Valencia, surrounded by green areas and with 10,000m2 of facilities, learn and put your knowledge into practice in the dental clinic, the nursing care room, the crime lab or the translation booths.

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