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julio 7, 2022

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Information literacy is the set of knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviors that enable individuals to recognize when they need information, where to locate it, how to assess its appropriateness, and how to use it appropriately for the problem at hand.

The Library Service offers a catalog of courses geared to different groups. Each course adapts its contents and duration according to the needs of the attendees and the discipline in which it is included (Philosophy, Economics, Psychology…).

The training action ends with the users’ evaluation of the course they have attended. The purpose of these surveys is to know the degree of satisfaction of the users with respect to the training received, in order to better adapt to their needs and increase the quality of the training service.

Informational skills are the set of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and behaviors that make individuals able to recognize when they need information, where to find it, how to evaluate its adequacy, and how to make appropriate use of it in the context of the problem that they are facing.

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LeandroThe doubts you have when you want to study a degree in the UK can be many and varied. When I contacted Kathy, the treatment I received and the personalized attention I had from the first contact with her….

Iván10/10, Kathy is a lovely woman who has been looking after me so that I didn’t miss anything. She kept letting me know what I needed to do and helped me a lot in the whole selection process and thanks to her I…

BlancaI met Kathryn at an event in Madrid, thanks to her I can now say that I am going to study in Liverpool. My family and I cannot thank her enough for the help and advice she has given us, without a doubt….

AmaliaNUEVO In my daughter’s case it was a coincidence to start the paperwork to study in England, or destiny, as Kathy said at the time. I am convinced that if everything has gone well it has been, without a doubt, because of…

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Dear Friends: It is with great regret that we hereby announce that we have had to cancel the Wind Energy Tutorial Course due to the fact that the lecturer has had a priority to attend to and we have not been able to agree on a new date due to commitments previously acquired on both sides, and we thank you for your interest in our course.    We would be very grateful if you would accept our apologies in this case for not being able to make it to the scheduled date.Sincerely, German Moya

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La Universidad de Warwick (/ˈwɒrɪk/) es una universidad de investigación de placas en Coventry, Inglaterra. Fue fundada en 1965 como parte de una iniciativa gubernamental para ampliar el acceso a la educación superior. La Warwick Business School se creó en 1967 y la Warwick Medical School se inauguró en 2000. Warwick se fusionó con el Coventry College of Education en 1979 y con la Horticulture Research International en 2004.

Warwick tiene su sede principal en un campus de 290 hectáreas en las afueras de Coventry, con un campus satélite en Wellesbourne y una base en el Shard, en el centro de Londres. Está organizada en cuatro facultades -Artes, Medicina, Ciencias y Ciencias Sociales- dentro de las cuales hay 32 departamentos. Warwick cuenta con unos 25.600 estudiantes a tiempo completo y 2.400 miembros del personal académico y de investigación y tuvo unos ingresos consolidados de 573,6 millones de libras esterlinas en 2015/16, de los cuales 117,1 millones de libras esterlinas procedían de subvenciones y contratos de investigación[1] El Centro de Artes de Warwick, un complejo artístico con múltiples salas en el campus principal de la universidad, es el mayor recinto de este tipo en el Reino Unido fuera de Londres.

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