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agosto 28, 2022

Polytechnic University of Madrid

It currently offers a wide variety of master’s degrees that respond to training needs. they facilitate insertion into the labor market and also open the door to obtaining a doctorate degree.

The ceiA3 Agrifood Campus of International Excellence is a grouping of 5 Universities in Andalusia (Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Huelva and Jaén) in conjunction with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the Andalusian Institute os Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA), technology parks and a growing number of innovative companies.

Autonomous University of Madrid

Many times when reading the lists of university careers we can get confused, since each one of the houses of studies has different names to denominate them. Some offer it by title and others by academic degree.

The academic degree is a level of education. In the case of Higher Education, it can only be granted by universities. Professional Institutes and Technical Training Centers do not grant degrees.

The Bachelor’s Degree is the second form of academic degree granted by a university, and all university degrees grant one of them. For example, those who study Pedagogy obtain the academic degree of Bachelor of Education, while those who study Law have the degree of Bachelor of Juridical Sciences.

However, not all universities grant professional degrees in their careers since, depending on the degree, their knowledge requires validation by external institutions in order to obtain it and practice in some institutions.

University carlos iii of madrid

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration seeks on the one hand to offer a solid training close to the professional world, and on the other hand, to help students acquire the attitudes and skills that will allow them to work in a globalized and dynamic world and adapt to a very competitive and constantly changing environment, such as the economic one.

Compulsory internships in companies and a wide range of complementary activities organized by the Faculty (Economic and Business News Program, Professionals in the Classroom, Employment Forum, Professional Opportunities, visits to companies, participation in different university competitions promoted by companies, etc.) allow students to have close contact with the business world and also help them to orient their professional future while they study.

Students who so wish can also complement, in a comfortable way, their training by combining the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management with those of: Marketing and Commercial Management, Economics, Business Intelligence, Law, Pharmacy or Information Systems Engineering.

University madrid

Given the nature, transcendence and validity of the classical world, there is a constant demand in today’s society for specialists in the field of languages, literatures and Greek-Latin culture, as well as in the origin of Western culture and civilization and the set of disciplines that we know as Humanities.

In addition, since the degree in Classical Studies provides a comprehensive philological training, a solid competence in the management of information sources, a mastery of new technologies and, above all, by enhancing the capacity for reasoning and critical analysis, its graduates are qualified and especially versatile professionals with a remarkable ability to adapt to work, qualities highly recommended in the changing social reality of today.

In short, the degree in Classical Studies provides a complete, qualified and solid humanistic training. In addition, the degree in Classical Studies facilitates an early insertion into the labor market in a wide range of professional activities.

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