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diciembre 11, 2022

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Sophia Jex-Blake was determined to seek medical training in the UK and, because of the more tolerant attitudes towards education in Scotland, she thought that if a university allowed women to study, she could be there.

So, she decided to place advertisements in The Scotsman and other national newspapers encouraging interested women to join her. In the summer of 1869 an application for enrollment came in from five women, who were later joined by two more, thus forming the Edinburgh Seven, consisting of Mary Adamson Anderson Marshall, Emily Bovell, Matilda Chaplin Ayrton, Helen Evans, Edith Pechey, Isabel Thorne and Sophia Jex-Blake herself. The application asked for full matriculation rights: to be able to attend all classes and examinations necessary to acquire a degree in medicine. It was approved by the university court, making Edinburgh the first British university to admit women.

When women began to demonstrate that they could work at the same level as men, an atmosphere of hostility began to form against them. They received obscene letters, were chased through the streets, had firecrackers thrown at their doors and had mud thrown at them. This situation led to the Surgeons’ Hall riot when the women arrived in front of the building for an anatomy exam and found a crowd of over two hundred people gathered outside to throw mud, trash and insults at them.

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Bartram, D. J., Sinclair, J. M., & Baldwin, D. S. (2013). Further validation of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) in the UK veterinary profession: Rasch analysis. Quality of Life Research, 1-13.

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The ibis Budget Hotel Edinburgh Park is located just off Edinburgh’s ring road, an 8-minute drive from Edinburgh Airport and a 30-minute walk from Edinburgh train station…

The Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh is located in the center of Edinburgh, less than 500 meters from Haymarket train station, and offers excellent value for money, a bar and a restaurant….

The Hampton By Hilton Edinburgh West End is located in Edinburgh, a 5-minute walk from the EICC conference center and a 12-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle, and offers a fitness center and bar.

When it’s time to eat, in any street you can be guided by the smell of a good plate of fish and chips and its variable salt and sauce, a specialty of this dish typical of Edinburgh (you have to try it!). If you have a soft whiskey afterwards, you will feel like a Scotchman.

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Objetivo Desarrollar y validar un instrumento breve de tamizaje para depresión postparto en contextos de atención primaria con recursos limitados. Método Análisis de datos secundarios de una cohorte de 305 madres (Mdn(edad) = 26) que asistieron a controles de niño sano en seis centros de atención primaria en Santiago, Chile, respondieron la Escala de Depresión Postnatal de Edimburgo (EPDS), la Encuesta de Salud de Forma Corta de 36 ítems y el módulo de depresión de la Mini Entrevista Neuropsiquiátrica Internacional. Se construyó un modelo predictivo de depresión posparto mediante regresiones logísticas y de menor contracción absoluta y operador de selección, con validación bootstrap. Resultados Una versión de tres ítems de la EPDS mostró una excelente capacidad discriminativa (cstatistic = 0,95) y no mostró diferencias significativas frente a la versión completa de la EPDS (chi(2)(1) = 1,75,p = .187). La mejor relación entre sensibilidad (92,86%) y especificidad (86,70%) se alcanzó con una puntuación de corte de 8/9. Conclusiones La versión de tres ítems de la EPDS puede ahorrar un tiempo valioso a los clínicos, lo que potencialmente podría mejorar la comunicación de los resultados a los pacientes.

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