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julio 31, 2022

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Studying at a prestigious university opens the door to many opportunities for academic and professional development, but it is important to do so at an institution that truly provides you with everything you need.

The QS World University Rankings are calculated by an organization of more than 800 universities worldwide that seeks to rank universities according to six metrics: academic reputation (40%), employer reputation (10%), faculty/student ratio (20%), citation ratio per research staff (20%) and the proportion of international faculty and students (5% each).

Although there are different metrics for selecting the best universities in the world, most of them coincide in the same institutions, although the places in which they place them change depending on the variables used to select them and the weight given to each of these. In general, we can conclude that the best ranked universities are mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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The degree in Business Analytics / Business Analytics trains professionals capable of analyzing and interpreting data to make strategic decisions in different areas of the company. It is a degree that combines training in business administration and management with technology, analysis and business strategy.

The legitimacy of the treatment is the consent of the person concerned by checking the boxes provided for this purpose. If you provide data of third parties through this form, we inform you that you are obliged to inform the interested party about the content of this clause. The applicant is informed that he/she cannot provide information that identifies third parties without obtaining their prior written consent.

I accept and authorize that my data be processed by the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, for the purposes indicated above and to send me, by any means, including electronic means (including but not limited to SMS, Whatsapp, email and social networks), information about any current or future course or program of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, open days, orientation workshops and information sessions, as well as reminders of the same.

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When we reach the end of our secondary school studies -that is to say, when we finish high school- we must make the decision of what type of university career we want to study. The list is extensive and this may confuse you and make you doubt about the path you should follow.

You should definitely think about your decision, because, although we suggest that your choice for a degree or engineering degree should be guided by your personal tastes and interests, you will also have to take into account your weaknesses and limitations (which we all have) in order to make the best choice.

It is common that, in order to do what we like, it is not enough that it calls our attention, but we must have certain aptitudes, that is why knowing our strengths and weaknesses is relevant when choosing. If you do not know what career to study, we will tell you which are the university careers that exist in Mexico.

Careers in Mexico are divided into 10 blocks, as indicated by the Mexican Classification of Study Plans (CMPE), ranging from those that have to do with Education to those that focus on Service.

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Applicants for full-time programs must apply for a student visa from their country of origin. This does not apply to students from Ireland or the European Union. If you are from Latin America you will have to apply for your visa before entering the UK since as a tourist you cannot change your immigration status. Likewise for short Oxford courses (maximum six months) or short periods of study as a visiting student, you may need to apply for a tourist visa.

A great advantage of studying in the UK is that there are several possibilities to be eligible for free insurance under the National Health Service. All students from the UK, Ireland, those with indefinite leave to remain or those who have been granted pre-settled status or settled status under the EU Settlement scheme can enjoy this benefit. Students who require a visa (Latin America) and are enrolled in a full-time program must pay the immigration health surcharge as part of a visa application to access health insurance services free of charge.

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