How to become a researcher at a university

septiembre 25, 2022

Predoctoral fellowships community of madrid 2022

«The University has its own unique and irreplaceable contribution, which requires us to be always and above all university students: reflective people, open to the great questions and to the contribution of all knowledge, committed to the truth wherever it is and wherever it comes from».

The University of Navarra is a university of Christian inspiration, promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. Its mission is to seek and transmit the truth; to contribute to the academic, cultural and personal formation of its students; to promote scientific research and welfare activities; to offer adequate possibilities for the development of its professors and employees; and to carry out a broad work of cultural extension and social promotion, with a clear purpose of service.

b) To promote scientific research in the different fields of knowledge, for the benefit of the teaching work and as a way of contributing knowledge to society and favoring innovation and development.

Youth research guarantee 2022

Order 2323/2022, of August 23, of the Vice President, Councilor of Education and Universities, by which 150 grants are awarded for the implementation of contracts for research assistants and 99 grants for the implementation of contracts for laboratory technicians, corresponding to the 2021 call, amounting to 10,512,000 euros.

Correction of material errors in Order 2323/2022.    Order 2400/2022, of August 25, of the Vice-president, Councilor of Education and Universities, by which the correction of material errors detected in Order 2323/2022, of August 23, is made.

Order 93/2020, of July 2, of the Regional Minister of Science, Universities and Innovation, approving the call for grants to carry out synergistic R&D projects in new and emerging scientific areas at the frontier of science and of an interdisciplinary nature.

ORDER 2123/2021, of July 16, of the Regional Minister of Education, Universities, Science and Government Spokesperson, which resolves the 2020 call for grants for the implementation of synergistic R&D projects in new and emerging scientific areas at the frontier of science and of an interdisciplinary nature.

Investigo cam program

It is often thought that the most relevant achievements of a scientist occur in his or her youth, when he or she begins his or her professional career. However, a new study suggests that the presentation of a breakthrough or a high-impact article can occur at any time in a researcher’s life. It happens randomly.

To investigate this issue, an international team led by physicist Roberta Sinatra of Northeastern University in Boston (USA) and Central European University in Budapest (Hungary) has analyzed the careers of thousands of scientists by focusing on the relevance of their publications.Initially, as expected, the assessment confirmed that many researchers present their most creative and outstanding work in the first two decades of their career, but it also showed that productivity spikes in these early stages. This seems to indicate that top scientists begin to succeed when they are younger, not so much because youth is related to creativity, but because they produce more at that stage.To further explore the roots of creative success, excluding age and productivity as factors, the researchers placed the papers that scientists had published in chronological order, to assess whether or not those with the greatest impact were among the first.

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Training» is the central theme of a University such as the University of Antioquia. And, although in the past it emphasized professionalization, today it can be assured that there has been a healthy shift towards what properly fits in the slogan: personalization, «scientization. and professionalization. It is on the basis of the first action that the researcher, the scientist, the intelligent one, rises. A set of Tasks and Strategies that cross his academic culture explain it.

It is a consequence of the task explained above. It is strictly congruent with the definition of research as the privileged axis of university action. «A culture of evaluation generates the establishment of academic hierarchies that must be enshrined in the teaching hierarchy. Based on the recognition of such categories, prerogatives and functions should be determined for each professor. 2 Thus, a clear message is sent to all members of the academy, in terms of recognition, respect and praise for those who engage in research and thereby nurture their teaching, project a service to society and thus redefine the role and function of professors.

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