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octubre 16, 2022

English course in public speaking, writing and grammar of the language

Coming to study in Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It is not only about academic learning, but also about cultural and personal learning. At the University you meet people, you learn to understand different points of view

different points of view and different cultures. Not only did I learn many things in the Master’s program, but I met people and made friends from countries that I could never have imagined. I also had the chance to travel around the world.

Studying in Australia is much more than an international degree, it is a life experience. It is not only about studying in another language, but also about adapting to another culture and its habits, getting to know yourself away from everything.

away from everything. Traveling is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, but if we add to this that Australia has a great climate, beautiful geography and above all very friendly people! Let’s not forget that it is a

We went to Australia with the idea not only to train professionally, but also to have a nice life experience. Australia gave us that and much more. On an academic level it fulfilled our expectations,

Emigrate to Australia as an INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER (with

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Higher education in New Zealand #The University of

Victoria University of Wellington has three campuses in New Zealand’s vibrant capital city. Its location gives students access to many different organizations nationally, in areas such as politics, government, culture and heritage, as well as the scientific and business community. Wellington is a compact city with easy access to nature trails, beaches, galleries, museums and events. It is also multicultural, safe and welcoming and has a reputation for good food and coffee. It is regularly ranked as one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world.

The university has a diverse and welcoming community and offers students support through a range of welfare and learning services. These services include a dedicated international team dedicated to supporting students throughout their studies.

In 2020, Victoria University of Wellington – known as New Zealand’s leading university for high-quality research – received one-fifth of the Marsden Fund grants that focus on visionary research. The grants, worth more than NZ$16 million, will enable the university’s researchers to address environmental, social, health, technological and economic problems.

John Chapman, the industrialization of timber

At AC you will find English, French, German and Russian courses. Also, higher education, international exam preparation, camps, demi pair, work experience and programs for health professionals.

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Two weeks ago I changed my accommodation, now I am closer to the school and it has been very good for me.    The city is very clean, tidy and very complete, I like everything I have seen so far!

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