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julio 28, 2022

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If you are thinking of traveling to New Zealand but don’t know where to start, here is the complete GUIDE to STUDYING AND WORKING in NEW ZEALAND with many of the questions and answers that have surely arisen (or will arise) when you start planning this trip.

The visa is given to you for the time you are going to study plus a month that immigration can grant you. For example, if you contract XXX amount of weeks and the course ends on October 10, you will most likely be granted the visa until November 10.

No. Full payment must be made for the number of weeks you are going to study before applying for the visa. The school provides you with a letter informing you of the number of weeks you will be studying (and paid for) so that you can upload it to your student visa application and Immigration can grant you a visa for the period you are studying. For example, if you pay for 20 weeks, they will grant you a visa for 20 weeks and usually give you an extra month so that you can go sightseeing, work or do whatever you want.

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Canada is one of the best destinations when it comes to choosing a place to study, live and work. Emigrating to Canada will open your mind and possibilities to live in one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

Many people choose to go to Ireland to study, work or spend an unforgettable vacation. This beautiful country is a very desirable destination for students and workers from all over the world. Ireland is an open and friendly country, you will feel like one of them.

New Zealand is in the privileged list of countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its education system is at the forefront of innovation and quality, and there are many job offers for students.

Malta is a beautiful country located on the Mediterranean coast and is a popular destination for students due to its warm climate and numerous historical sites to visit that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nomads is a company and therefore we make a profit. The difference is that we get our income from our partners or associated companies. Therefore our consultancy is totally free for all students.

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Studying in New Zealand will allow you to experience its breathtaking landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. International students have the opportunity to combine study and travel with exploring countless outdoor activities. Many of the universities in New Zealand have excellent reputations in the most important international university rankings.

Education in New Zealand is based on the British education system and is recognized in many countries of the world for providing a high quality education, from primary school to the completion of university studies.

New Zealand universities have a wide range of educational agreements with universities in many countries around the world, with the aim of promoting cultural and academic exchanges, attractive to foreign students. In line with this purpose, New Zealand offers scholarships to facilitate the payment of tuition fees, thus encouraging studies in the country.

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Have you decided that you are going to study in New Zealand? Do you want to take advantage of your stay to study and work at the same time? Do you need to look for a job to help you stay in the country while you study? Don’t worry, today we tell you everything you need to know about student jobs in New Zealand!

Chances are that if you have to study the most practical thing to do is to come to the country with some savings and look for a part-time job. This way, you will have time to study and your savings won’t go down.

A part-time job while studying in New Zealand will help you pay for day-to-day expenses. It is also a great way to meet local people and get to know how the job market works in Kiwi lands.

Another positive aspect is that you will be able to practice your English continuously, not only in the classroom. With daily practice you will learn everyday expressions and words that you won’t learn in school – all advantages!

In most cases, in the most common jobs among students, they do not usually pay much more than the minimum wage of the country. Today, New Zealand’s minimum wage is $17.70 per hour. In addition, you will also be paid a considerable bonus for public holidays worked.

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