Northwest agriculture and forestry university

octubre 18, 2022

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Founded in 1952, Northwest Forestry University (NEFU) was formed by the combination of both Zhejiang University and Forestry Department of Northwest Agricultural College, and one of the three oldest institutions for forestry education and research in the whole country.

Northwest Forestry University is located in Harbin City, the center of the region with the largest parastatal forests in China. Its campus covers more than 136 hectares with educational buildings, scientific research laboratories and practice sites. In addition, there are several practical centers which include the Forestry Experiment Center for Maoershan (National Forest Park: Maoershan) and the Forestry Experiment Center for Liangshui (Liangshui National Nature Reserve), etc. Therefore, the university has a total area of 33,000 hectares.

NEFU Chinese Language Training Center offers university offers courses at different levels for overseas student, including Chinese Oral, Listening, Chinese Literature, Writing, International Trade, Intensive Reading and HSK Training. The center has basic, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and short term classes as well.

Xi an jiaotong university

Rossini, Maria de Los Angeles; Maddonni, Gustavo Angel; Otegui, Maria Elena; Multiple abiotic stresses on maize grain yield determination: additive vs multiplicative effects; Elsevier Science; Field Crops Research; 198; 11-2016; 280-289.

Fil: Rossini, Maria de Los Angeles. National Council for Scientific and Technical Research. Research and Transfer Center of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires. National University of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires. Centro de Investigaciones y Transferencia del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires; Argentina.

Phil: Maddonni, Gustavo Angel. National Council of Scientific and Technical Research. Parque Centenario Administrative Coordination Office. Institute of Physiological and Ecological Research Linked to Agriculture. University of Buenos Aires. Faculty of Agronomy. Institute of Physiological and Ecological Research Linked to Agriculture; Argentina. University of Buenos Aires. Faculty of Agronomy. Department of Plant Production; Argentina

Renmin university of china

26 June-4 July 2000, and an international symposium on the revitalization of traditional pottery techniques in Central Asia «Samarkand Blue» (Samarkand, 6-9 June 2000).

a workshop for agricultural extension officers and farmers, particularly women, to produce educational materials on topics related to rural life (March 2003).

The workshop was organized by local authorities (Dalian City Council, Jintang District Government (2002) and Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), and the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO.

Graduate in History from the University of the Basque Country, Roger Casas has lived and worked in Asia for the last 8 years -including a period as local coordinator for a UNESCO project on cultural preservation, in Yunnan province, P. R. China.

Mr. Fikkert of the Dutch Plant Variety Board and Mrs. van Dijk of Naktuinbouw were invited to visit three DUS-stations: in Kunming, the SFA DUS-testing station (for rose, attached to the Yunnan Flower

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