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junio 27, 2022

Computer Science-2nd ABC-SEm14-Per4-PhaseIII-Parts of WordPad

«I was very clear that my goal was to undertake entrepreneurship through the Internet and I have achieved it. Therefore, I recommend the Master in Digital Business Management to anyone who wants to start a business in the online world.»

Practical trainingOur programs are carried out by developing learning by doing, that is, learning by doing, so that students can develop their skills and competencies through experimentation that will always be contextualized in real situations.

Flexible and adapted modelOur way of working adapts to the needs of each person, facilitating the study to the student and offering him the possibility to organize his work, whatever his personal or professional situation.

Continuous and formative evaluationAt La Salle Open University, active, shared and progressive learning allows us to dispense with exams or final assignments, opting instead for an evaluation system that is oriented towards reflection and permanent improvement.

UAI – Informática II – Currículum Vitae

Un proyecto de colaboración entre RELEASeD y la profesora Gabriela Arévalo en el Centro de Altos Estudios en Tecnología Informática – Universidad Abierta Interamericana, fue concedido por la agencia de financiación FNRS para los años académicos 2011-2013. En esta colaboración se estudiará la identificación de la degradación estructural para que los desarrolladores puedan realizar un trabajo antirreglamentario.

Este proyecto financia cuatro viajes de dos semanas durante 2012 y 2013. Nuestros laboratorios han utilizado previamente el Análisis Conceptual Formal para detectar las regularidades del código fuente así como sus violaciones. El objetivo del proyecto es utilizar este enfoque para identificar las métricas estructurales clave para detectar ciertos malos olores. Las métricas se compararán con otros enfoques utilizados para realizar ingeniería inversa del código fuente basándose en las relaciones estructurales. El análisis se realizará catalogando las métricas y los malos olores encontrados en proyectos de código abierto (y si es posible en aplicaciones comerciales), evaluando la idoneidad de diferentes métricas y sus umbrales para expresar la degradación estructural, y detectando automáticamente la mejor combinación de métricas para detectar los malos olores.

#social dynamics -ciiti 2020

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Daniel Riera – Presentation of the Degree in Computer Engineering

The papers presented must be of high quality, original, high impact and significant. The aim of this congress is to demonstrate the correct integration between professionals in the factual and formal sciences, with their corresponding lines of research, in areas such as human-computer interaction, telecommunications, computer science, artificial life, scientific information, journalism and discourse analysis, information and communication technologies, information society, research and development, etc. Consequently, the main areas (which do not exclude others of great interest or topicality related to them) are listed below:

The research papers submitted will be evaluated anonymously by three reviewers. They are the ones who decide on the acceptance of the papers for the congress. Authors who have registered for the event, once the paper has been accepted, may correspond anonymously with the reviewers to improve the accepted paper and obtain a final corrected version before the presentation.

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