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julio 15, 2022

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The University of Alicante, aware of this new social and technological scenario, is committed not only to join this paradigm but to be one of its precursors, promoting research and innovation in the provision of digital services to citizens through the Smart University project that will develop a university model that improves the quality of life by making intensive, global, efficient and sustainable use of IT interconnecting all actors and services for the benefit of the entire community.

News in the press. A new Smart University tool has been developed to monitor crowds, allowing to know in real time the influx of people throughout the University. It also has an instant alert system for mobile devices.

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Research journalCrime LabMaster’s Degree in criminal mediationMaster’s Degree in criminal safeguards and socio-economic crimesMaster’s Degree in Criminology and SecurityOfficial Association of Criminologists of Valencia

Mr. J. Francisco Planells Garcés, professor of the Department of Criminal Law and research member of the ICCP, will soon present the Manual recently published and already on sale by Tirant Lo Blanch.

Cristina Rechea Alberola, who was Professor of Basic Psychology at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Castilla – La Mancha, has passed away. As Director of the Center for Research in Criminology at the Albacete campus, she developed an intense research and training work,…

Prof. Dr. John Vervaele (University of Utrecht/ RENFORCE) & Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Tosza (University of Luxembourg) will hold an international conference in Utrecht (Muntgebouw), where researchers from various European countries present the results of a criminological and comparative law study into…

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8th International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology in Children and Adolescents – November 16-19, 2022, in Elche (Alicante), organized by the AITANA Research Group of the Miguel Hernández University, Elx.

ECNP 2022 – XXXV ECNP Congress (Hybrid) October 15-18, 2022, Vienna, Austria – organized by the ECNP Foundation, a non-profit entity in the Netherlands. Registration and abstract submission: from January 2022. ECNP encourages young researchers and participants from emerging countries.

XII International Congress on Health, Wellness and Society – «Collaboration between Government and Society – Responses to the Pandemic» – September 8-9, 2022, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa – organized by The Health, Wellness and Society Research Network.

IAAP 2022 – XXII International Congress of Analytical Psychology – August 28 – September 2, 2022, in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Theme: «Analytical Psychology Open to the Changing World – Contemporary Perspectives on Clinical, Scientific, Social, Cultural and Environmental Issues» – organized by the International Association for Analytical Psychology and the Argentine Association of Analytical Psychology (ASAPA).

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This paper analyzes the current knowledge on etiology, prevention and treatment of sexual delinquency. Different traumatic childhood experiences, such as severe affective deficiencies, family neglect, inappropriate parenting and sexual victimization may contribute to the onset of sexual abuse or aggression behaviors in some males. Subsequently, such offending behaviors may become entrenched in association with other personal risk factors, including severe deficits in empathy and strong cognitive distortions and justifications for crime. Given this diversity of risk factors, it is considered imperative here that sexual assault be prevented as early as childhood and adolescence, through educational interventions in the contexts of family, school and juvenile justice. Even so, when serious sexual offenses occur, their perpetrators are likely to be arrested and imprisoned. Hence the need also to implement treatments in prisons, which favor the therapeutic improvement of the participants and, ultimately, reduce their risk of recidivism.

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