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julio 17, 2022

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List provided by the Council of Higher Education through the Regulation for Academic Degrees and Programs in Online, Distance and Blended or Convergence Modalities, in Art. 66, and in the Regulation on Academic Degrees and Degrees obtained in Foreign Institutions in Article 10, numeral 3.

Pursuant to Article 35 of the Regulation on Academic Degrees and Degrees obtained in foreign institutions: Degrees and programs taken in blended, online and distance modalities will not be recognized in:

Liverpool institute for perfo

We train professionals through simulated clinical cases that confront you with real situations from the first course, safe simulation environments such as our Simulated Hospital, Simulated Community Pharmacy Office and virtual reality laboratory.

Complete planning: you will have all the organization of your studies at your disposal from the beginning. Live virtual classes, adapted to your working hours. They will be recorded in case you could not attend or you want to watch them again. Intuitive and dynamic virtual campus, you can access from any device.

We also train you in the research and marketing of drugs and medical devices. After completing the Pharmacy Degree, it is time to make the decision and enter the working world. Where can I work? You will be qualified to work in the main areas of activity related to pharmaceutical products, i.e. research and development, production and quality control, marketing, pharmaceutical care and management:

Clasificación universitaria de Minerva

como uno de los actos asociados al quincuagésimo aniversario de la firma de la Constitución de la UNESCO y al décimo aniversario del Año Internacional de la Juventud; entre abril y julio de 1995 se celebró una serie de 12 actividades (seminarios, talleres y simposios) sobre el medio ambiente, la tecnología de la información, la restauración del patrimonio, la arqueología y «Juventud, cultura y futuro», con la participación de 450 jóvenes de 50 Estados miembros

Asociación de Universidades), EADTU (Asociación Europea de Universidades de Enseñanza a Distancia), EDEN (Red Europea de Aprendizaje a Distancia y Electrónico), HACU (Asociación Hispana de Colegios y Universidades).

(ICDE), resumió también las diferencias existentes con respecto a la Conferencia de 1998, cuando el mundo digital de la época no estaba realmente conectado, las TIC estaban en una fase inferior de desarrollo y no estaban tan ampliamente disponibles.

Es Doctor en Ciencias por la Open International University for Complementary Medicines y en el año 2000 recibió el título de Doctor en Medicina (M.D.) en Medicinas Tradicionales por la Open International University for Complementary Medicines.

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With the Mention in Physical Education Online you will learn the fundamentals of physical activity, the incorporation of ICT to the area, as well as making the Physical Education classroom a more inclusive space through project-based learning. You will deepen in the basic principles that influence the learning of the different cognitive and psychomotor dimensions, thus achieving an additional specialization to your degree in Primary Education, which will enable you to become a teacher in Physical Education in just one term.

Why study our Mention in Physical Education Online? The Mention in Physical Education online qualifies you as a Physical Education teacher, thus achieving an additional specialization to your Primary Education Degree in just one term.

The subject Inclusive Physical Education and Special Needs in Physical Education is part of the mention in Physical Education. It will offer a global vision of student diversity and the possibilities that this subject offers for a more inclusive school, bringing future teachers closer to the daily reality of students with special educational needs.

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