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julio 30, 2022

English Courses

Come and study in one of our English schools in England, with one of our immersion programs and discover the cradle of the language. In England there are possibilities for all tastes: you can spend a month in Oxford preparing for the TOEFL, spend the summer on the beaches of Bournemouth or prepare for university entrance. In any case, we make sure that you meet your goals and are able to speak English comfortably in record time.

Our spacious and modern school is located between the famous colleges of Oxford University, in the heart of this historic and charming city.+ infoCAMBRIDGE EC ENGLISH ACADEMY At the Cambridge school you will be able to study English with the wide range of activities that this academy offers. As a student you will be invited to a free welcome event and enjoy the varied calendar of activities during your stay. + infoACADEMIA ENGLISH BRISTOL ECThis school is located in the central and quiet area of Queen Square, from where you can describe on foot what makes Bristol such a wonderful city.

Clases en línea de inglés

Comprender los puntos principales de un discurso claro y estándar sobre asuntos habituales en el trabajo, la escuela, el ocio, etc.; comprender el punto principal de muchos programas de radio o televisión sobre asuntos de actualidad o temas de interés personal o profesional cuando la presentación es relativamente lenta y clara.

Conectar frases de forma sencilla para describir experiencias y acontecimientos, sueños, esperanzas y ambiciones. Dar brevemente razones y explicaciones sobre opiniones y planes. Narrar una historia o relatar el argumento de un libro o película o describir sus reacciones. Enfrentarse a la mayoría de las situaciones que pueden surgir mientras se viaja por una zona donde se habla inglés. Entablar una conversación sin estar preparado sobre temas familiares, de interés personal o pertinentes para la vida cotidiana (por ejemplo, la familia, las aficiones, el trabajo, los viajes y la actualidad).

Affordable English Courses

You have always known the importance of English in your life, but you are afraid of not being able to learn it, YES IT IS POSSIBLE!  Erase the fears and excuses, at Brighton we work together hand in hand to achieve your goal.

Don’t let your children miss out on learning English, prepare them for a better future with these skills. At BRIGHTON we motivate them to learn the language. With games, dynamics, exercises and a 100% motivational English, focused on the real world.

Good afternoon Patricia, good afternoon Profe Carlos. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and because I like Brighton very much, I want to continue reinforcing my English, and I want to continue. Best regards and best regards.

I think the service is very good, I think they have a way of explaining things much more dynamic and that makes people absorb more knowledge more easily, my teacher is a very patient person with us because if we do not understand something, she takes the time to explain it and I think that being few in the course also makes us know how to get along better and thus, have more knowledge.

Intensive English Course

Leonardo FerraezHello, I am Leonardo Ferraez member of the Ensamble de Violoncellos Caracas and I am very grateful to Oxford for helping me to learn a new language, their classes in the basic is incredible, with the diversity of teachers and themes of classes. They are excellent.

Aronig GonzálezAs a student of Oxford institute I can recognize the excellent methodology and commitment that they have, and I am able to say that I did not only learn English but also values of coexistence, partnership and short, the Oxford Institute was not only a teaching centre but also a home.

ADVANTAGES OF LEARNING ENGLISHThe 21st century is globalization and communication and in these new times English is and will be your best ally you will have the indispensable tool to grow in knowledge and human development.

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