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diciembre 3, 2022

Css profile in Spanish

We receive and process transfer requests from students who have studied at any accredited private university and who have not studied at the University of Puerto Rico (as long as they meet the requirements).

The information we will provide you below is only for students who come from high school and have never studied at a university. Now that you are at this decisive moment in your life, it is important that you take the time to identify what your career goal is. Once you are clear about that goal, check the related study alternatives.

When applying for admission to the UPR you have the opportunity to select three study alternatives, these can be in the same campus or in different campuses. The unit and program you select as the first alternative will be the one evaluated in your application.

If you are not admitted in this first alternative, you will be evaluated in the unit and program you indicate as the second alternative and if you are not admitted, your third alternative will be evaluated. If you are not admitted in any of the alternatives you selected but you qualify in other programs and campuses, you will be notified and you will be able to request a reconsideration.

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SimbiosisTradecraft PeriodisticoSimbiosis Reporting ResidencyThe Simbiosis residencies offer selected participants the opportunity to spend a month covering narrative journalism in the Yucatan Peninsula. The participants will be hosted by Gatopardo in Mérida, where they will work on multimedia reports

and will receive feedback and editorial support from the Simbiosis team. For their selection, they must submit a proposal for a journalistic project that focuses on the Yucatan Peninsula and its issues. Only four profiles will be selected.

The goal is for participants to finish the residencies with a report that can be published in Gatopardo, as well as translated and disseminated in collaboration with international media. The residencies include lodging and food for the three weeks of the residency, plus a budget of $2,500 (MXN) for flights from the interior of Mexico to Mérida **If a flight exceeds the stipulated amount ($2,500 MXN), the remaining amount will be paid by the participant. International flights will be quoted on a case by case basis.


Bright Stars is a College Access Program for talented students with financial need, studying between 9th and 12th grade in a school in Puerto Rico, to have access to a quality higher education.

«The Kinesis Foundation helped me achieve my goals in many ways. Their teachers are excellent and whenever I needed help, they provided it and even gave me tutoring to reinforce different skills. Thanks to Kinesis I was able to obtain six Microsoft certifications in which I learned to use the necessary tools to be successful during my high school and soon college.»

«Kinesis helped me tremendously. I started in the Bright Stars program in eighth grade and have benefited from the services they have offered me ever since. Preparing myself in Microsoft Office, has served me immensely and I apply it daily in these times of virtual classes… Kinesis motivated me and helped me to apply to prestigious universities and also helped me to have a competitive academic profile. I will always be grateful to Kinesis».

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Research: Masters and PhD student interns help solve a range of diverse technical problems on large platforms using machine learning, big data sets, and cloud computing. These student interns help create innovative algorithms that model patterns within data to drive large-scale automated decisions for all corners of the enterprise.

Entrepreneurial: These undergraduate and graduate internships have full responsibility for a high-profile project partnering with key customers and business groups. All are excellent starting points for developing a deep understanding of the business while building analytical and problem-solving skills.

Typical student internships consist of a data-intensive, analytical, strategic project focused on a real business problem, and is representative of a full-time position. Student interns will be fully responsible for a high-profile project in which they will have to cooperate with key clients and business groups. The opportunities offered by this internship range from being with expert leaders to acquiring general business skills that help execute corporate strategies.

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