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septiembre 24, 2022

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The MAX Yellow Line is a light rail service in Portland, Oregon, United States, operated by TriMet as part of the MAX Light Rail system. It connects North Portland with downtown Portland and Portland State University (PSU). The line originates at Portland Expo Center in the north and concludes south to Rose Quarter along a 5.8-mile (9.3 km) segment, known as Interstate MAX. From there, it crosses the Willamette River into downtown Portland and operates as a dedicated service northbound from the Portland Transit Mall at 6th Avenue. The line has 17 stops between the Expo Center and the PSU South / Southwest 6th and College stations; of these, seven stops occupy the median of North Interstate Avenue, giving that segment its name. The Yellow Line runs approximately 21 hours per day with a minimum 15-minute interval for most of the day.

Since 2015, the Yellow Line has operated as a direct northbound Orange Line service from PSU South / Southwest 6th and College Station, sharing its 6th Avenue transit mall alignment with the Green Line. In contrast, most southbound Yellow Line trains, which had served the other half of the mall at Fifth Avenue from 2009 to 2015, operate on the Orange Line from Union Station / Northwest 5th and Glisan Street station and terminate at Southeast Park Avenue station in Milwaukie . . As of September 2019, the Yellow Line is the fourth busiest service in the MAX system, averaging 12,960 riders each weekday.

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Ubicación práctica, mucho aparcamiento, excelente desayuno gratuito y los cócteles gratuitos no estaban aguados. Nuestra habitación era bastante grande, dormitorio y sala de estar separados, gran escritorio y sofá en la sala de estar. También tenía una buena tienda que estaba abierta hasta tarde. ¡Hotel antiguo pero muy limpio!

Los panqueques en un lunes fueron un cambio agradable para el buffet y nos hemos ido antes de que el cocinero puede hacer el siguiente lote. Los panecillos están bien, pero son industriales. La magdalena de plátano/nueces huele mal y hace que te preguntes qué tipo de productos químicos lleva.

Adyacente al centro comercial Washington Square y a poca distancia de muchas otras atracciones de Portland, este hotel 100% para no fumadores cuenta con amplias suites, así como con modernas comodidades y atentos servicios.

El Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Washington Square ofrece a los huéspedes una ubicación ideal cerca de los lugares de interés de la zona y de las oficinas de empresas. Los huéspedes del hotel pueden descubrir fácilmente el zoológico de Oregón, la Universidad Estatal de Portland y varios museos. Las sedes mundiales de IBM, Intel y Nike también están situadas en las cercanías.

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Stylistic issues aside, several structural flaws came to light shortly after the building’s completion.[12] The building’s flaws are the subject of criticism and derision from staff members working on the building, who describe it as a cheaply constructed building and a difficult place to work.[13] The roof of the Portland Building is covered with a green roof installed in 2006.[15][16] This roof was proposed in 2005,[17] as part of the State University’s experiment in green roofing.

The roof of the Portland Building is covered with a green roof installed in 2006.[15][16] This roof was proposed in 2005,[17] as part of an Oregon State University experiment to test the ability of Sedum spathulifolium to absorb water in the northwestern U.S.[18][19] The new roof will help the building’s heating, cooling, and stormwater disposal systems.[20] The new roof will help the building’s heating, cooling, and stormwater disposal systems.[21] In 2014, some members of the Portland Building’s council were also criticized for its lack of a green roof.

In 2014, some city council members expressed the opinion that the building should be demolished due to the numerous water infiltrations and its structural problems. The council members’ opinions were mixed: one described the building as a «white elephant,» while others opposed its demolition.[21] Architect Michael Graves strongly opposed demolition.[22] In 2015, the City Council was considering spending $175 million to completely renovate the building.[23] In 2014, the building was undergoing a major renovation.[24] In 2014, the building was undergoing a major renovation.

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