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agosto 3, 2022

211 help to pay the rent

Payment for the symposium must be made through the Paypal system. Choose the registration method you are interested in and follow the instructions on the page. The Paypal payment system is done through a secure payment platform.

All the proposals will go through a peer-review process by Academic Committee of the Symposium and the final decision will be forwarded to authors before November 15th, 2020. This evaluation will take into consideration the originality of the proposal, its suitability with the research lines of the symposium, its methodology, and its presentation.

Given the tripartite structure of the symposium, the resulting book will follow the same format, with each section having an editor and the entire volume under the direction of Dr. Margarita Rigal Aragón and Dr. Fernando González Moreno (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha). The editors for each of the sections are:

Rental Assistance Programs in California

This tractor tour is an opportunity to learn more about the farms and plantations on our university campus. Visitors will have the opportunity to take a tour that will allow them to contemplate the nature of the area, while learning about the settings in which students learn agricultural and livestock sciences. The tour departs every half hour and will cost ₡2 000.

Those who appreciate nature walks will have an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy this activity. This activity starts in front of the lower part of the Library and consists of a 40-minute tour of our Botanical Garden, where you will have a sensory experience with fruits and medicinal plants of different flavors, smells and textures, in order to stimulate the senses and do meditation exercises on site and appreciate the benefits of mindfulness. The tour departs from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will cost ₡1,500.

The flavors of each dish are characteristic of each area. For this reason and in order to ensure its authenticity, the students themselves together with their teachers, will be in charge of its preparation, sharing with the community part of its history.

Rent assistance for undocumented immigrants

The Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology is an advanced postgraduate program, professionalizing in the field of clinical work in Health Psychology, which will allow graduates to practice the regulated profession of General Health Psychologist, whose practice requires the possession of the corresponding official Master’s degree.

«I decided to do my Master’s degree at CEU because of the close and personalized treatment.  I had the opportunity to do internships both in a hospital and in a psychology clinic and in three different fields of psychology. That helped me decide what I wanted to do in the future.»

The Master’s Degree will train psychologists to work, from the perspective of the regulated profession of General Health Psychologist, in various psychological assistance devices, such as private practices in liberal practice, health centers in primary health care, educational and special psychoeducational care centers, child development and early care centers, centers for the care of minors and abused women, psychosocial rehabilitation centers for the chronically ill, care centers for people with dementia, residential centers for the elderly, centers for intervention in drug addiction, etc.

Rent assistance for tenants

Read en EspañolIf you’re looking for help with housing costs, you’re not alone – state and local organizations are distributing federal assistance funds to communities. This money can help struggling landlords and tenants keep up with rent and other bills.

Many assistance programs accept applications from both landlords and tenants, and search here to find a program in your area. If you find more than one, start with the one closest to you.

Tell us about your experience on this pageSend us your correctionsIf you would like to correct the information presented here for your local rental assistance program, email the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at

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