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julio 4, 2022

English studies uam

The University of Seville has assistantships as teaching support staff who teach classes in their native language. There are two types of assistantships: official and through exchange agreements.

Every year, through the University’s own Teaching Plan, grants are awarded to cover the expenses arising from the temporary collaboration of professors, researchers or professionals of recognized prestige (especially international) in the teaching of degrees, mainly Master’s degrees at the University of Seville, and who will be considered as External Teaching Collaborators.

Ucm English studies schedule

The study plan is structured in four academic years, of 60 ECTS credits each. Each academic year is divided into two semesters, in each of which the student can take 30 ECTS credits. All subjects are four-month courses of 6 ECTS credits, with the exception of Language B1 and Language C1, which have 12 credits.

We offer nine C languages: Arabic, German, Chinese, French, Greek, English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. The student can choose between eight languages, since the Language C courses must never coincide with Language B.

In order to take any of the C languages, it is generally not necessary to have previous knowledge, since they usually start from a zero level. However, there may be some exceptions in languages such as English or French, of which students usually have prior knowledge. For more information, it is recommended to consult the teaching guides of the different languages.

Elective subjects are scheduled in the third and fourth years. Any of them, including translation, can be chosen from the first term of the third year, even if the Specialized Translation course has not yet been taken. The student must choose a total of 30 credits of these subjects. The following are the electives of the degree itself:

University ceu san pablo careers

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English studies uja timetable

In a globalized society, the management and specialization in a second language is essential to adapt to a globalized labor market in constant evolution towards the knowledge of more and more languages. The Degree in English Studies provides you with an advanced knowledge of the English language, its culture and literature, as well as a solid philological training.

You can also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training offered by the University of Jaén and all the activities aimed at improving your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides you with associated with this degree.

In addition to the specified resources, the University of Jaén has additional material resources and services that can be grouped into three large blocks that deserve special mention: Library, ICTs and universal accessibility services and services for students with disabilities.

Here you will find the fundamental details and all the necessary links to know the organization of your degree, summarizing and complementing the description contained in the degree report, where you can find additional information.

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