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Authors are responsible for the content of their manuscripts. Articles with a high degree of similarity to previously published works, including the author’s own works, will be considered as plagiarism (see Anti-Plagiarism Policy).

Authors wishing to include images, figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere must obtain permission from the copyright owner for their reuse in both the print and electronic formats of the journal, and include evidence of such permission when submitting their papers; it will be assumed that the author owns the rights to any material received without such evidence (see Disclaimer).

Once the texts have been received, two members of the Editorial Committee will make an initial assessment of their scientific quality and compliance with the formal requirements of the journal. Within a period of between one and three months, the author of the article will be informed of the evaluation or rejection of his work, i.e., if this first opinion is favorable or not, and if the manuscript received presents important formal deficiencies or is not included in the thematic focus of the publication, the Editorial Committee will reject the work formally or thematically in a definitive manner. On the contrary, if it only presents superficial formal deficiencies, it will be returned to the author for correction before the beginning of the evaluation process. The date of receipt of the paper will correspond to the date of correct reception of the manuscript.

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The Central House of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is the main building of the University. Due to its style and magnitude, from its origin it was known as «Palacio Universitario» (University Palace). Since 1996 it has been considered a Historic Conservation Building[1] by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of Chile and since 2016 it is part of the buildings that are opened during the celebration of Heritage Day.

After the fire and as a way to resume university activities as soon as possible, it was decided to rent a house on Bandera Street. In 1898 the management of the University bought the building of the Central Union, located at 1038 Agustinas Street, in downtown Santiago. The building had a beautiful theater which was converted into a lecture hall. [2]

Jéquier, together with his disciple and first graduate architect of the UC, Manuel Cifuentes, son of Abdón Cifuentes, a great collaborator of the University in its founding period[2], developed the plans from the already built «Instituto de Humanidades». The Jequier-Cifuentes project was adapted to Cremonesi’s original, which made it possible to unify the façade, one of the longest in the city at that time. On the four hectares of land, the building was arranged around the classic scheme of a square divided into nine parts, organizing circulation through cloisters and central courtyards. At that time, the project was only partially built as the two courtyards overlooking the Alameda were built next to the Institute.[4] The building was also built on the Alameda.

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Services available: The Suicide Prevention Hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, problem solving, and referrals to local resources for people at risk of suicide and family and friends of the person affected.

Services available: The hotline is staffed by School District counselors and social workers who will respond within 48 hours. Support for basic needs including financial assistance for groceries, pharmacy/medications, and laundry. Contact them for details.

Hours: 8-5pm Mon-Fri Call ahead. Food and hygiene products will be left on the picnic table outside the building for released persons and their dependents under 18. Services Available: Backpacks, food, hygiene products.

Services Available: We have extended emergency housing for one month to avoid sending people out on the street during this difficult time. We changed some rules to accommodate social distancing and quarantine rules. We also serve bagged meals to the public every day and box lunch service Monday through Thursday and other services on Fridays by appointment.  For up to date information click here.

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The Trinity Church ( Dreifaltigkeitskirche ) was a Baroque Protestant church in Berlin, East Germany, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It was inaugurated in August 1739 and destroyed in November 1943; its rubble was removed in 1947.

During Napoleon I’s occupation of Berlin, the church was temporarily used as barracks, while the theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher preached there from 1809 to 1834 and also confirmed the future Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the church in 1831.

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