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noviembre 14, 2022

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We are one of the 6 universities in Latin America accredited by SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges), which allows us to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs under the modality of Dual Degree Mexico – United States.

We belong to The University of The Incarnate Word system, founded in San Antonio Texas by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. Therefore, we adhere to the values of that ministry.

Compete at the highest level while being part of one of the best student communities around the world. Gain international exposure through our dual degree program.

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The values and principles of our University are present in our statutes and the different units, in their local IDPs, have developed and emphasized different dimensions of them. Among the most relevant are:

The University Senate is the triestamental collegiate body, in charge of creating and safeguarding the norms that govern our work. Its fundamental task is to establish institutional development policies and strategies, as well as the objectives and goals that lead to their fulfillment. It is chaired by the Rector and composed of 36 other members: 27 academics, 7 students and 2 representatives of the collaboration staff, elected by their respective peers. Of the academics, one third is elected by the entire academic staff and the other two thirds by the members of the respective academic units.

The Evaluation Council is the collegiate body that exercises the superintendence of the evaluation function, which consists of examining, weighing and reporting on the quality and fulfillment of university tasks. The evaluation function applies to both structures and academics. It is composed of five academics with the rank of full professor, appointed by the University Senate at the proposal of the Rector.

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This journal provides immediate free access to its content under the principle of making research freely available to the public, which fosters greater global knowledge exchange.

The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) is a statewide network of researchers and educators at the University of California who are dedicated to creating, developing, and applying knowledge and advances in agriculture, human resources, and natural resources.

It offers an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary approach, with integrative visions, starting from the field of architecture, but opening up to other disciplines, in accordance with the changing boundaries and situations that today characterize the field of architecture and urban studies.

It is the UN agency responsible for promoting the economic and social development of the region. It offers the Statistical Yearbook of Latin America and the Caribbean, books, magazines, bulletins, notebooks, among others.

Since September 5, 2001, the Virtual Legal Library of the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas of the UNAM has made available to legal scholars books, journals and other materials in full text and free access.

The best university in Colombia

«It was a bit of an arduous application, but the truth is that at DREAM they helped me at all times, especially with the essays and in explaining to me how the applications worked. I am very grateful to them, as the program has been excellent.»

«My process during the program was very good. I feel that the counselors are very prepared people, who are going to give you lots and lots of tips for your essays so that they can differentiate themselves. I am very grateful to DREAM and I really recommend them a lot».

«DREAM’s work has been exceptional throughout the entire process. I feel I have been very lucky with my consultants. They are very involved and attentive to your needs and help you improve. I couldn’t be happier with DREAM and all that I have accomplished with their help.»

«I have been fortunate to work with DREAM, from the very first steps, from even choosing my career. DREAM has been there through the whole process, without fail. That has given me the security to achieve everything I have accomplished. Thank you DREAM for helping me get into my DREAM university.»

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