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julio 30, 2022

Eafit university

Welcome to MIT! We hope this page helps everyone who wants to learn more about our dynamic, diverse, and compassionate community. Here you will find information about the history of the Institute, our academic program, and our generous financial aid program.

MIT is known for its innovative community of students, researchers, and creators who use their skills to improve the world. We believe it is crucial to educate people from all walks of life to provide solutions that benefit all communities.  That is evident through our extraordinary diversity.

There is no majority ethnic background; 55% of our students are from historically underrepresented minorities. Foreign nationals represent 10% of MIT’s students. We have students from all 50 states and 68 foreign countries.

In our humble opinion, this is the best place to study. We are a research-focused university that places great importance on undergraduate education. Among other scholars, we have a number of distinguished professors: 23 MacArthur Genius Grant winners, 11 Nobel laureates, and 1 Pulitzer Prize winner are currently on our faculty. And all of them teach undergraduate students.

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UNEFM’s classrooms have graduated 7510 professionals (as of 2005). In addition, the UNEFM has an agreement with the state company PDVSA through which it offers its graduates the opportunity to begin their work experience in the facilities of the Amuay and Cardón refineries.

Located in the extension of Sucre Avenue, west of the city of Coro, within the perimeter of the University Hospital «Dr. Alfredo Van Grieken», Health Sciences Department. It currently consists of a three-story module, known as the «Blue Cube» in which function: the Dean’s Office of Health Sciences, the Director’s Office of the Nursing Program, the Pharmacology and Toxicology laboratories, the head of the Department of Community Work, laboratories, the Central Library of the Area, classrooms and teacher’s cubicles.

Located in the city of Coro, it is the main headquarters of the University; it houses the programs of the Areas of Education (Bachelor’s Degrees in Education) and Technology with the programs of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, as well as the Postgraduate Area. It has three libraries (one for each area), reading rooms, several laboratories, amphitheaters, auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria and dining room. Center for Technological, Industrial and Fishing Research in the «El Sabino» Academic Complex.

Eia university

Due to the breadth of theoretical and practical knowledge required in the practice of Genetics, there is an increasing need for an undergraduate training system such as the one offered by the Faculty of Medicine of the USP-CEU.

The Degree in Genetics at the CEU San Pablo University offers very current contents, due to the scientific knowledge in continuous evolution and its professional opportunities. The curriculum is striking as it harmonizes basic knowledge and practical applications.

To offer this dual attendance model, CEU equips the classrooms of the faculties with the HyFlex system. A system to develop interactive sessions with students who are in the classroom and with those who participate live from home. In this way, everyone (wherever they are) participates in person in the class session. It is the new «double presence» that allows to be in physical presence or to be in interactive digital presence.

In full expansion, with many applications and professional opportunities in the bio-health field, Genetics is today essential in the diagnosis, counseling and even therapy in many human diseases and disorders. The role of the «genetic fingerprint» in criminalistics and, in a broader context, in the study of populations and human evolution, escapes no one.

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Obtaining collagen from animal tissue by-products of the meat industryIntroduction: Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body, for this reason it is widely used in tissue engineering. When good mechanical performance of the final product is required, an attempt is made to maintain the highest long fiber content. For its characterization, techniques such as electrophoresis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy are used to determine its purity and protein content.Objectives: To characterize collagen obtained from chicken and pork for its subsequent use in cardiovascular tissue engineering.Methods: Dissolution of the collagen source was carried out in 5% acetic acid. Collagen was characterized using electrophoresis tests by SDS-page method and Fourier transform infrared spectrometry using reflection analysis mode with ATR SPECAC accessory and range 600 to 4000 1/cm, to determine purity.Results:The results provided type I and III collagens in the chicken leg plus ridge mixture. Also type I collagen in the samples of legs, chicken ridges and pig skin.Conclusions: It was concluded that, as the cardiovascular system is composed of collagen I and III, the collagen obtained can be used in its regeneration, although the mixture of ridges plus legs, which possesses both types is the most recommended.

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