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septiembre 12, 2022

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«Whatever path countries choose, universal health insurance is crucial to prevent people from becoming impoverished by illness and to give everyone the opportunity to live a healthier and more productive life, beyond the ability to pay,» explains Nicole Klingen, the World Bank’s Acting Director for Health, Nutrition and Population.

«Universal health insurance is crucial to prevent people from becoming impoverished due to illness and to give everyone the opportunity to live healthier and more productive lives. «Nicole Klingen

«Plan Nacer in Argentina aims to close the gap [between the insured and uninsured population] and does so in an innovative and very effective way,» explains Andrew Sunil Rajkumar, senior economist for health at the World Bank.

Through its Social Health Insurance program, Chile offers near-universal health coverage to its 17 million people.    As of 2005, all Chileans have access to a basic package that guarantees treatment for up to 80 health problems, with maximum waiting times and discretionary spending for treatment.

Vlog de Universal Studios Hollywood Enero 2020

Universal Studios Orlando buscaba nuevas formas de apoyar a la nueva generación de huéspedes que visitaban sus parques temáticos y complejos turísticos. Si pudiera aprovechar la tecnología para mejorar la experiencia del cliente, la empresa hotelera podría aumentar los niveles de satisfacción, fidelidad y retención. Universal necesitaba una forma cómoda y oportuna de informar a los clientes de los detalles importantes, sobre todo al principio del viaje, cuando llevar a los huéspedes a su destino sin problemas es fundamental para mantener altos niveles de satisfacción. Universal también estaba buscando formas de aprovechar la tecnología para mejorar su servicio al cliente. Si la empresa pudiera hacer este proceso sin esfuerzo, los clientes podrían pasar menos tiempo hablando con los agentes del centro de contacto y más tiempo disfrutando de los placeres y las emociones de Universal Orlando.

House of Horror at Universal Studios

According to the UN agency, poverty would have been higher in 2020 if countries in the region had not adopted measures such as emergency income transfers. Extreme poverty would have been about 1.8 percentage points higher, and overall poverty would have been 2.9 percentage points higher on average in 7 countries.

The paper argues that inequality increased between 2019 and 2020, breaking a downward trend that had been observed since 2002. The Gini Coefficient -used internationally to measure income distribution- increased by 0.7 percentage points for the regional average between 2019 and 2020. This deterioration is directly related to the impact of the pandemic.

Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the regions in the world with the longest interruption of face-to-face classes, on average about 56 weeks of total or partial interruption, which has generated gaps in the development of cognitive skills, the loss of learning opportunities and the risk of increased school dropout. Likewise, the school closure has had an impact on the overburdening of women’s caregiving tasks. Therefore, a safe return to face-to-face classes is urgently needed by 2022, stresses the UN regional commission.


Exercising journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean can imply attacks and threats to life, with differentiated implications for women, several international experts warned today during a high-level conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

In a cross-cutting manner, the round table emphasized the gender dimension of violence against journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean, underlining that women are especially affected in the exercise of their informative and investigative work in traditional and digital journalism.

During the event, the United Nations Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Irene Khan, cited harsh statistics on the murder of journalists in the region. The expert assured that digital technology opens new possibilities for investigative journalism, but also gives space to new threats, especially against women. «When women are attacked, online or offline, the intention is to silence and limit them.»

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