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diciembre 13, 2022

Study in Italy Scholarships

In GO GLOBAL, you will find the best study abroad programs such as English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, High School programs, undergraduate & graduate programs, among others.

Our experience of having lived abroad, allows us to offer professional and personalized advice on the different study abroad alternatives that best suits your needs.

Our ProgramsLearn about our variety of programs and live an unforgettable experience.Language CoursesLive an unforgettable experience having fun while you learn while studying abroad. Our programs and destinations are adjusted so that you have the best stay at the best cost and in a short time you can master a second language.Learn moreStudy & Work in Canada Co-op ProgramsCo-op programs offer the opportunity to study and work in Canada. Students can work part time during their studies and full time during their internships.

Cheap universities in italy

CELI and CILS, offered by the University for Foreigners of Perugia and the University for Foreigners of Siena, are official certifications recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attention: To take the CELI exam it is necessary to respect strict deadlines and long waiting times. The evaluation of the exams can take up to three months and the sending of certificates can take up to four months.

To pass the CILS/CELI exams, it is not necessary to take a specific course with specific content and methods, but it is important to be prepared in both writing and oral skills.

—CILS B2 EXAM (NOT AVAILABLE)CELI EXAM 3 120 Euro + Online preparation courseCELI EXAM 3 120 Euro + Preparation course in FlorenceCELS B2 Online preparationCELS B2 Preparation in Florence

Study in Italy 2022

Erasmus+ is the new program of the European Union that replaces, among others, the Lifelong Learning Program (2007-2013), whose Erasmus subprogram has been the main international mobility program of this University.

The Erasmus+ Program in the actions of mobility of persons (key action KA1), allows the mobility of students (SM – Student Mobility) to carry out studies in a Higher Education Institution (HEI – Higher Education Institution) or to carry out internships in a HEI or a company.

Currently, the Erasmus+ program, in its action KA103, provides for mobilities in the so-called «program countries» (European), and in its action KA107, allows mobilities to and from the so-called «partner countries» (non-European).

Studying in Italy is free

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), through the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), invites foreigners interested in pursuing studies in Mexico, at the levels of specialty, master’s, doctorate and postgraduate research, as well as undergraduate and graduate student mobility programs, to participate in the «Call for Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico for Foreigners 2022».

The Call is offered to more than 180 countries, within the framework of bilateral agreements, multilateral mechanisms and special agreements. More than 70 Mexican Higher Education Institutions (HEI) participate in this Call and all of them have academic programs registered in the National Graduate System of the National Council of Science and Technology. These programs testify to the progress that the country has made in various areas of science and humanities.

Through the Government of Mexico’s Excellence Scholarships for foreign students, Mexico strengthens its role as a globally responsible actor and reaffirms its commitment to fostering cooperative actions to promote the formation of high-level human capital. The presence in Mexico of foreign students, academics and scientists, women and men, contributes to the construction of permanent and long-term bridges of dialogue that enrich the foreign policy agenda with actions of exceptional value for the country and its foreign partners. Likewise, Mexican HEIs and the academic community benefit from greater internationalization.

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