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junio 14, 2022

University of Kingston Canada

This research aims to determine the extent to which juvenile offenders perceive the penal process as fair, taking into account their relationship with the different legal operators with whom they have had contact. For this purpose, an ad hoc questionnaire has been developed which, after being subjected to a process of validation by experts, has been passed on to a sample of offenders who are serving a sanctioning measure in the province of Malaga. The results show that the elements that make the juvenile penal process perceived as fair may not be sufficiently present among these young people. Likewise, the differences in the assessment of the different professionals who come into contact with them seem to be notable.

Blader, S. & Tyler, T. (2003). A four-component model of procedural justice: Defining the meaning of a «fair» process. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 747-758.

Bradford, B. (2014). Policing and social identity: procedural justice, inclusion and cooperation between police and public. Policing and Society, 24, 22-43.

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Kingston Technical Institute was founded in 1899. In 1930, the Kingston School of Art was separated, and later became the College of Art. Kingston was recognized as a Regional College of Technology by the Ministry of Education in 1957. In 1970, it merged with the College of Art to become Kingston Polytechnic, offering 34 core courses, of which 17 were at university level. In 1975, Kingston merged with the ‘Gipsy Hill School for Education’ founded in 1917, incorporated into the Kingston Division of Educational Studies. Kingston received university status under the Higher Education Act of 1992. In 1993, Kingston opened its Roehampton Vale campus and in 1995, Kingston acquired Dorich House.[6]

In February 2020, it was announced that the Kingston Bridge Hall of Residence (KBH) located in Hampton Wick would no longer house students, the university intended to sell it and concentrate its future investments in the other existing residences.[13]

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Fellowship to the Higher Education Academy, Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of London, UK. He holds an MA in Criminology from Middlesex University, UK, and studied for a BA in Criminology and Cultural Studies & the Media at Middlesex University, UK. He has published over 100 books, chapters and articles, and has spoken at over 50 international conferences. He is currently working at the European University as Professor of Criminology and Leader of the Research-Knowledge Team on Social Issues.

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Criminalists study the physical aspects of crime scenes and seek to understand the causes and sociological implications of crime. In some cases, they also study the psychology of criminals and may develop criminal profiles (think TV series like Criminal Minds and Profiler, only more realistic). Their work involves helping to solve crimes and prevent them. Criminalists generally work for local police or state or federal government agencies, although some conduct investigations for private companies.

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