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junio 24, 2022

Genomic Sciences unam study plan

The Earth System Sciences program is the first in Colombia and Latin America, it is supported by research groups with high quality scientific production and has international support from prestigious institutes such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

In the context of biodiversity loss, climate change and global pandemics, solving environmental problems necessarily involves understanding the Earth as a complex and interconnected system, involving several scientific disciplines.

The country and the planet need professionals who can address the great current and future environmental, social and climatic challenges from a holistic and integrative vision based on research.

It offers lines of deepening in Solid Earth, Climatology, Biogeochemistry and Hydrology and its interaction with other strengths of the Universidad del Rosario such as biology, human sciences, politics and emerging engineering.

Genomic sciences studied

The Bachelor of Science offers within its curriculum the terminal area of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Its objective is to train professionals with a broad culture of science in general, with updated knowledge and with a critical and imaginative spirit, capable of finding, through analytical and synthetic thinking, novel solutions to diverse problems. A particular focus of the Bachelor of Science is a special emphasis on experimental education, offering laboratories with modern and adequate equipment.

The course of study takes nine semesters, during which theoretical and experimental courses are taught, seminars are attended, and students participate in discussions on scientific information. At the end, the thesis is prepared during a research stay. Students have the personal support of a tutor throughout their studies. This is always a researcher associated with the degree program. The study environment favors the rapprochement between researchers and students to solve doubts and concerns and many of the experimental courses are taught in research laboratories where students learn current and sophisticated research techniques.

Genomic sciences unam

Technologies, and in particular informatics, have acquired such a dynamism that requires professionals in charge of developing them to have a solid training, with a balanced balance between scientific and technological knowledge. These characteristics allow them to retrain and train easily when technologies that are now modern become obsolete.

Just as knowing how to stack bricks is not enough to build a building, being able to program a computer is not enough to build, for example, highly complex systems on which human lives depend. The scope of the tasks required today demands an analytical mind, creativity and knowledge such as those provided by this career.

Bachelor’s degree in genomic sciences

Biological and agricultural sciences are branches of knowledge that deal with the description and behavior of organisms individually and in conjunction with their environment, as well as the set of human actions that transform the natural environment.

The University of Guadalajara is aware of the importance of these natural relationships and for this reason seeks to train professionals who respond to the needs of this inherent part of the human being and nature.

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