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diciembre 19, 2022

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Currently, the video game industry is positioned as one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, so there are good opportunities for those who are specifically trained to face this challenge.

The curriculum is focused on new technologies and future projection, which will allow the graduate to have enough tools to successfully enter the labor market.

To collaborate with professionals of Computer Science and/or Systems degree courses in the programming and development of Video Games through the acquisition of an integral knowledge about the creation of games.

The objectives of the subjects of the course have been elaborated in order to achieve compatibility with the attitudes and aptitudes that the future professional must have, as defined in the proposed graduate profile.

Bios Institute

Because… provides quality training in geographic information technologies (GIT) and enables its application to the analysis and management of geographic data in the resolution of territorial problems.

Because… it responds effectively to the growing demand for professionals and researchers with GIT skills in many sectors of activity, especially in land use planning and the environment.

Because… it is consolidated in the national and international academic offer in GIT, has trained more than three hundred graduates, has signed numerous agreements with companies and institutions in the sector, its graduates have an excellent job placement…

Because… it provides students with a specific computer classroom for exclusive use in which both classroom activities and hours of independent work are carried out.

Priority is given to curricular profiles in disciplines related to spatial information and territorial and environmental planning, such as Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Biology, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering, Geodesic Engineering, Archaeology…

Self-assessment questionnaires (topic 3 part 2)

Master programming, physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, software… The syllabus of this Degree combines theoretical and technical knowledge during the first courses so that, later on, you can enter the fascinating world of video game and digital content production through internships and the development of a project.

Before finishing your studies, you will be able to participate in a multidisciplinary project to get in touch with a work environment as similar as possible to that of a real environment. You will be supervised by industry professionals and will work in teams with students from different specialties.

In the final stage of your studies, you will have contact with the professional world through mandatory internships. At CEU San Pablo we have numerous agreements for internships with top-level production companies, studios and companies such as Skydance, Illusorium, Walt Disney Company, IBM and Microsoft, among many others, and if your future lies in entrepreneurship, you can count on the advice of the University to get your ideas off the ground.

Dreamweaver Javascript Sql Php Programmer – Online Courses

Companies are increasingly relying on technology to improve their products or services, be more attractive to their customers and achieve greater market share. The need for a web application to have a presence in the online channel has become an almost essential requirement.

The need to provide a better service and experience to their increasingly sophisticated customers has made web applications more and more complex, and the skills required for web programmers higher and higher. Therefore, the demand for full stack web developers is a growing trend in the market.

The full stack web developer is a programmer who manages to create complex web applications, with logic both on the frontend (browsers, devices) «what the user sees» and on the backend (servers) «the logic behind it».

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