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julio 7, 2022

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The University of California, Los Angeles UCLA, founded in 1919, is one of the top-ranked universities in the United States. The campus is located between Westwood, Bell-Air and Beverly Hills, its spacious gardens, ample facilities and well-kept architecture, offer an unbeatable atmosphere to take a course during the Summer Session (specialized summer courses). The student population is over 40,000 students and its distinguished faculty includes several Nobel laureates.

Students can enjoy a magnificent residence on campus. It has first class facilities such as a computer lab, gymnasium and swimming pools. Rooms are single and meals are half board. In addition, the residence staff organizes numerous social activities that are free or offered at a discounted rate for students. These include visits to local tourist attractions, shopping, movies and much more. It is an excellent opportunity to live on a beautiful American campus while studying at the University. In addition, students have free access to UCLA libraries.

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A new California financial aid program for college students is using less than half of its budgeted money on actual student aid. Should this money support an expensive volunteer program or go directly to students?

A new California program will financially reward college students for volunteering in community service – but less than half of its budgeted money will go to actual student aid.

The California Volunteers program, sponsored by College Corps, will allocate $159 million to students doing community service and promises to award up to $10,000 to 6,668 low-income students who do community service in K-12 education, climate change or to reduce food insecurity.

For her, the program does both: it gives money directly to students to help themselves financially and includes training to connect what they learned as volunteers and build on it in the job market in the future.

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The Chancellor’s Office is committed to providing resources to support community colleges and their students, who are now working in a whole new way: online only. Some common questions are answered below. Keep checking the site frequently as we are updating it daily.

Students who have not previously taken online courses should contact their instructors and college counselors for additional support and resources. All campuses have established additional resources and staff to support students transitioning to online instruction, including additional support for students who have learning disabilities. For more information on how to prepare for online instruction visit the Student Resources page on our California Virtual Campus: Online Education Initiative website.

The enrollment process is fully automated at all California community colleges. To begin the process, you can visit the CCCApply website. And, although the physical campus may be closed, the colleges are prepared to offer virtually all student services. After you enroll, the college will contact you with resources to take you to the next step. The colleges will offer online and phone appointments with counselors to discuss your educational and career goals.

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1 – «Información personal» – es decir, información como su nombre completo, cargo, empresa, dirección postal, dirección de correo electrónico, número de teléfono y tarjeta de crédito u otra información de pago (si hace una donación);

2 – «Información del dispositivo» – es decir, información sobre usted o sus actividades, (como su dirección de protocolo de Internet, características del navegador, características del dispositivo, sistema operativo, preferencias de idioma, URL de referencia, información sobre las acciones realizadas en nuestro sitio web, y fechas y horas de las visitas al sitio web) a través de la cual no intentamos identificarle pero a través de la cual puede ser posible identificarle; y/o

Podemos compartir su información personal con otra entidad o con terceros no relacionados (incluidos los contratistas que nos prestan servicios) para que nos ayuden con cualquiera de los usos de la información personal y del dispositivo descritos en este documento. Por ejemplo, podemos compartir y/o proporcionar su Información del Dispositivo con/para terceros que ayuden al funcionamiento, la administración o el mantenimiento de nuestro sitio web.

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