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julio 28, 2022

Universidad de chicago illinois

EconomíaDesde los principios hasta las clases de temas avanzados, desde los cursos preparatorios de matemáticas y estadística hasta las oportunidades de investigación, el programa de economía de la UChicago se esfuerza por transmitir cómo razona la economía.10%

MatemáticasEl Departamento de Matemáticas de la UChicago ofrece un entorno de investigación e instrucción integral en matemáticas y matemáticas aplicadas, tanto a nivel de grado como de postgrado.8%.

Ciencias PolíticasEn la UChicago, la especialización en ciencias políticas permite al estudiante estudiar los gobiernos, las políticas públicas, los procesos políticos, el comportamiento político y las ideas sobre el gobierno y la política. 7%

Estudios de Políticas PúblicasLos Estudios de Políticas Públicas de la UChicago son una especialidad multidisciplinar basada en las ciencias sociales, con importantes aportaciones de la economía, la sociología, la ciencia política y el derecho, entre otras disciplinas. 6%

Ciencias de la ComputaciónEl programa de ciencias de la computación en UChicago ofrece grados de BA y BS, así como grados combinados de BA/MS y BS/MS. Visita virtual a la Universidad de ChicagoDiapositiva 1 de 0Alumnos notablesUChicago cuenta con más de 150.000 alumnos vivos. De la universidad han salido 34 premios Nobel, 5 jefes de Estado y 17 premios Pulitzer. Entre los ex alumnos notables se encuentran el candidato presidencial Bernie Sanders, el economista estadounidense Milton Friedman, la escritora Susan Sontag y el economista Paulo Guedes.VER MI OPORTUNIDADDiapositiva 1 de 1Escucha al estudiante de Crimson, Don, que fue aceptado en la Clase de 2023 de UChicago.

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Under a holistic approach to anticipate the admissions process to competitive institutions abroad, work hand in hand with Scholastica in our mentoring program for teens and their parents.

Build a successful admissions portfolio to study at the world’s top universities, including college selection, narrative development, recommender selection, and essay review.

Master the strategies to obtain an outstanding score in the GRE, GMAT and SAT, take online classes, practice with exercises and measure your progress with expert professors through our methodology focused on Spanish speakers.

Regardless of the stage of life you are in, at Scholastica we are clear that to achieve good results it is necessary to identify and work on your differentiators. The best way to do this is through mentoring and strategic preparation.

Scholastica’s methodology addresses your needs and challenges as a Latin American to create a competitive and international profile, while identifying your strengths and passions to help you make a positive impact in the world and achieve long-term professional fulfillment.

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It is very important that any transcript evaluation that is submitted comes directly from all high schools or colleges that you have attended, even if you have not yet graduated or even if you have taken only one class.

Transcript evaluations must be completed by a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). You can find a list of the evaluation services we recommend on this page. Before ordering a transcript evaluation, email your admissions counselor about your academic history and let them know the names and locations of all the schools you have attended and they will be able to recommend the best evaluation for you. It is always best to ask if you are not sure!

Almost every international student who is not a U.S. citizen must take a TOEFL or IELTS English test. Registering for, taking and passing these tests can be time consuming.

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«My time at Universidad del CEMA was very positive. The Master’s in Economics opened the doors to the international scene for me. Central to this was the quality of education, as well as the guidance of the professors both academically and professionally. These elements were the starting point to continue with my PhD studies at the University of Western Ontario (Canada)». Antonella Mancino, Ph.D. student in Economics, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

«The program is very complete, with theoretical and practical subjects. It is interesting the closeness and the exchange that is generated with the professors. It allowed me, as an economist, to have a more complete reasoning and vision in my work and in everyday situations. Graduating from the Master’s program meant a great growth for me, both personally and professionally». Guadalupe González Economic Analyst, Techint.

focused on the practical application of economic tools to business issues. Students are rigorously trained in the fundamental economic principles for making business decisions. Through elective subjects, the professional can choose to study financial markets, risk analysis and valuation of investment projects in depth. The aim is to train graduates who can participate in business decision-making based on a solid applied economic training. Other activities of the Master’s Degree in Economics

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