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julio 5, 2022

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The Inspector General submits to the Secretary General reports on audits, investigations and inspections. These reports are available to the Permanent Council. More information can be found here.

Here you will find information related to GS/OAS procurement operations, including a list of procurement notices and formal bids, links to contract reports and travel action control reports, applicable procurement rules and regulations, and the training and qualifications of procurement staff.

The OAS Treasurer certifies the financial statements of all funds administered by the GS/OAS. Here you will find the most recent general purpose financial reports for the major OAS funds, as well as the OAS Quarterly Financial Reports (QFRs).

The objective is to strengthen the human and professional capacity of citizens or permanent residents of OAS member states. The objective is to strengthen human and institutional capacity and foster integral development throughout the Hemisphere.

University of Chicago Programs

DeVry University’s academic offerings are organized into 5 colleges: the College of Business and Management, which includes the Keller Graduate School of Management; the College of Engineering and Information Sciences; the College of Health Sciences; the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which includes the School of Education; and the College of Media Arts and Technology.[2] Each college offers associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree programs.[13] DeVry University also offers graduate degrees.[14] DeVry operates on a uniform school calendar for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

DeVry operates on a uniform school calendar for both graduate and undergraduate programs.[2] The university’s academic calendar consists of six eight-week sessions.[2] Most undergraduate programs are offered at both the associate and baccalaureate levels. In addition, the institution offers several Academic Certificate programs in specific fields such as information technology.

In 2011, DeVry University partnered with the United States Olympic Committee to become an official education provider for the U.S. Olympic teams.[4] The partnership will run through the 2016 Olympic season.[4] 15 athletes on the 2014 U.S. Olympic teams were students at DeVry University.[4] In 2011, DeVry University became an official education provider for the U.S. Olympic teams.


The kind of big city living that New York University (NYU) offers is quite expensive. And many students end up taking on heavy debt to finance it. On average, when students complete their studies at NYU they are left with a $23,300 obligation in federal loans alone.

Columbia University was the most expensive Ivy League (the league of eight private universities in the United States that excel in academics) for 2016-2017. The annual cost for tuition, additional costs, room and board is above the $45,370 that, on average, private universities charge.

And, as with most colleges, many students do not bear the full cost because they receive scholarships and grants from the institution, the state and the federal government. At Harvey Mudd, about 70% of students pay less than the official price, so to speak.

University of illinois chicago graduate programs

It is very important that any transcript evaluations that are submitted come directly from all high schools or colleges that you have attended, even if you have not yet graduated or even if you have taken only one class.

Transcript evaluations must be completed by a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). You can find a list of the evaluation services we recommend on this page. Before ordering a transcript evaluation, email your admissions counselor about your academic history and let them know the names and locations of all the schools you have attended and they will be able to recommend the best evaluation for you. It is always best to ask if you are not sure!

Almost every international student who is not a U.S. citizen must take a TOEFL or IELTS English test. Registering for, taking and passing these tests can be time consuming.

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