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diciembre 3, 2022

Master’s Degrees in the U.S. Scholarships

It is clear from their biographical profiles that the 2007 Gilliam Fellows have already begun planning an exceptional trajectory for their graduate studies. Blat has already published a paper in a major research journal and plans to pursue molecular and genetic studies on the effects of pesticides. Broodie’s desires involve a career as a cancer biologist. She will begin by studying the functions of the enzyme called Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) as a tumor marker or oncogene. Garcia plans to become a plant biologist, and her next step will be to study the function of a family of plant proteins called immunophilins. Kim wants to develop a genetic study to identify mutations related to chronic myeloid leukemia, and Rodriguez will investigate whether targeted antigen delivery can reprogram the immune system to produce a strong response to antigens related to tumors and infectious diseases such as those caused by HIV, or even bioterrorism agents.

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Learning network that, in the light of the Ignatian philosophy, promotes educational innovation for the development of communicative and intercultural competencies in university students, through the AIR methodology (Activation, Interaction, Reflection) and telecollaboration in an inclusive and global way, necessary for the citizenship of the 21st century.

To develop and grow as a global network of university institutions guided by Jesuit values that work collaboratively for the benefit of language learning and the development of global citizenship through innovative technological means.

As part of the program’s strategies, the «Dual Immersion Interest Group» was formed with professors and directors of the language departments of the participating Jesuit universities.

Since its inception, the IDV Program has been carried out in 30 semesters. Between Spring Semester 2007-2022, more than 45 thousand students, with an average of 2 thousand students and more than 250 sessions, more than 400 professors have participated in this experience.

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With this Master in Invasive Physical Therapy you will learn to perform a physical therapy evaluation and diagnosis based on clinical reasoning that allows the correct application of invasive physical therapy techniques in a safe, appropriate and effective way.

The program of this Master covers treatments such as dry needling, musculoskeletal ultrasound or clinical acupuncture, among others. Throughout the course, lectures and conferences will be offered on the aspects studied, with guest lecturers from other research centers.

You will have a tutor to guide you in the scientific and academic aspects of the contents, support you in the development of individual work and possible future decisions (career opportunities, doctoral thesis topic or line of research, career guidance, presentation of CV…).

With this Master’s program you will receive advanced and specialized training that will allow you to apply the scientific knowledge and technical skills acquired in invasive physiotherapy in an ethical, efficient and safe way.

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The SENESCYT among one of its functions is responsible for identifying and recognizing institutions of higher education, universities, of high standards and international quality to ensure that the professional training of Ecuadorian students abroad has an adequate quality.

In total there are 249 universities in the United States that have a series of study programs for Master’s and Doctoral degrees obtained in these institutions of higher education are recognized under 4 types of options.

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