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septiembre 22, 2022

Harvard University

We carry out our activity in the field of socially responsible investment (SRI), with good practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and seeking to generate positive impacts on the stakeholders of the business activity: customers, employees, shareholders, environment, society.

We help the company in the generation of value through our presence in the company’s governing bodies and management support. We also have a presence on the Executive Committee in order to support the management team in management.

From 1988 until his retirement in 2006, he held various positions of responsibility within the multinational holding company Dana Corporation, becoming President of Dana Europe in 1997 and member of the World Operations Committee.

University of columbia

Both Russia and Ukraine are powerhouses in the supply of certain commodities, including ammonium nitrate and natural gas. After being refined, both produce two gases crucial to the healthcare system: nitrous oxide, popularly known as laughing gas, and helium.

They are used in millions of procedures every day. If these supplies become scarce, they could make every root canal much more painful and every MRI much more expensive.

Hopp led a group convened by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to produce a report in March on the safety of supplies for U.S. industries.

«Helium is an excellent element for spreading heat,» explained Bob Karcher, contract executive for Premier, a company that provides group purchasing services to suppliers. «It’s used in MRIs and large CT scans to move heat away from the source.»

These decisions affect helium supply, since converting natural gas to liquid involves removing traces of helium, so pipeline shipping has the unintended consequence of reducing the amount of helium for industrial use.

Princeton University

Introduction. Social trust has long attracted the interest of researchers from different disciplines. Most studies on this subject have relied on single-country data, and have considered only one dimension of social trust at a time (e.g., trust in science, in the media, or in political institutions). This research develops the model proposed by the Global Trust Inventory (GTI) by simultaneously analyzing several dimensions of social trust, as well as examining how trust in institutions varies across societies. Based on an online panel survey distributed across 22 countries (N = 22,033), we study differences in social trust across societies, including trust in government, government agencies, national security institutions and producers of scientific knowledge in our analysis. In addition, the study contributes to a broader operationalization of the concept of social trust by introducing a measure of trust in the media. The results are discussed based on the comparison between emerging and developed countries, according to their Human Development Index (HDI).

Ranking of the 100 best universities in the U.S.

Regenerative medicine in our country is quite developed both at preclinical and clinical level. The professors of this Master are active professionals, and who are doing regenerative medicine in different hospitals and research centers at the moment. You will learn first-hand about all the options available in regenerative medicine (cardiac, skin, etc.).

The recent development of the field of Advanced Therapies, the health demand, and the increase in biotechnology-based companies with R+D+I in this sector, make necessary the specific training and qualification of professionals and researchers for the development and clinical application of Cellular Therapies.

In this Master’s Degree, researchers and medical specialists participate, integrated in different translational medical research groups in different hospitals and research institutes in our country.

The Master in Advanced Therapies aims to provide the hospital care environment with professionals with the ability to identify the needs and regenerative disorders of tissues in patients with very diverse pathologies, and with the knowledge of the procedures to solve and treat them, through the clinical implementation of methods of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy.

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