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julio 15, 2022

Programas de grado de la Universidad de Notre Dame

Las clases pequeñas, con un promedio de sólo 18 estudiantes, fomentan relaciones estrechas y significativas entre los estudiantes, así como entre los estudiantes y el profesorado. Estas amistades duran más allá de los años universitarios, y las ex alumnas de Saint Mary’s vuelven al campus para visitar a sus profesores y relacionarse con la siguiente generación de estudiantes de Saint Mary’s.

Para solicitar el ingreso en el Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame sigue estos pasos. Para obtener más información sobre la universidad y el proceso de admisión, puedes utilizar el chat en vivo para contactar con un representante de la universidad.

Al solicitar la admisión en Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame en Estados Unidos debes preparar todos los documentos necesarios. Solicite una lista de los documentos necesarios directamente a la universidad, ya que puede variar para los diferentes países. A través de nuestro chat en vivo, también puedes pedir ejemplos de documentos.

University of Notre Dame

The Master in Strategic Thinking and Foresight has taken up the challenge of training leaders of organizations with a vision of the future. This means: people who are aware of global change and the new global rules of the game, with the ability to mobilize companies and territories towards the construction of their future.

Failure to prepare for the future is tantamount to living in the vagaries of economic, social and technological changes, instead of anticipating them before they occur. This is how organizations, companies or territories that want to be competitive act, because they make the future their best ally instead of being surprised by it.

The students of the Master’s program have the option of receiving at the headquarters of «Futuribles» (47, rue de Babylone – 75007 Paris) an advanced training course in the principles and methods of foresight, interacting with its researchers and receiving a «Certificate» awarded by this illustrious and prestigious institution.

The Master’s students also have the option of attending a «Course on Territorial Foresight» given by ECLAC researchers, and to receive a Certificate awarded by this institution at its headquarters: Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3477, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.

Prueba optativa de la Universidad de Notre Dame

El Seminario de la Facultad tiene los siguientes objetivos: permitir a los profesores conocer con mayor profundidad las investigaciones que realizan otros profesores y ayudantes de investigación en los distintos departamentos de la Facultad; el intercambio de ideas con investigadores de otras universidades y centros de investigación, tanto españoles como extranjeros.

‘Cuestiones actuales de la economía de la energía’. Los ponentes fueron Christiane Baumeister (Universidad de Notre Dame), Martin Bodenstein (Junta de Gobernadores del Sistema de la Reserva Federal) y Peter Hartley (Universidad de Rice). Mayo de 2017.

‘Cuestiones actuales de la economía del comportamiento: de la teoría a las aplicaciones’. Los ponentes fueron Daniel Read (Warwick Business School), Dennie van Dolcer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Ivo Vlaev (Warwick Business School) y Jeroen Nieboer (Financial Conduct Authority). Mayo de 2019

University of Notre Dame Majors

The scholarships, which are provided by participating universities, cover the full cost of tuition, room and board, are loan-free and do not require parents to contribute financially.

If selected, students have the opportunity to match with prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Yale and many more. Students will be notified on Naming Day on December 1 if they have been awarded the scholarship.

In 2020, more than 18,000 applications were submitted, and 6,885 students were selected as finalists in this nationwide college placement event. And thirteen of those students are from Irving ISD!

«It is an honor to have the opportunity to represent my community in such a diverse national network of talented, motivated and inspiring individuals,» she says. «I express the utmost gratitude to QuestBridge, an organization that has provided access to life-changing opportunities for students through a commitment to encouraging their success.»

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