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octubre 7, 2022

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This evidence will be submitted to the Admissions Office for evaluation. Students who at the time of readmission have completed 80% of the program of studies may request an evaluation in accordance with the requirements of the program for which they were initially admitted. This provision shall not apply to those students whose program of studies requires any particular certification or license to practice the profession. For any other academic or administrative process, the student shall be governed by the stipulations of the General Catalog in effect at the time of readmission.

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We are a Catholic university grounded in the liberal arts and a welcoming community of learners. Our main campus is located 35 miles southwest of Chicago in the Cathedral area of Joliet, Il. Here you will find general admissions, financial aid and academic information. If you need more information about USF, the college admissions process, or would like to schedule a campus visit, contact us at 800-735-7500.An interview with Carina Saucedo: «Young Hispanic Woman Wins Scholarship to Study at the University of St. Francis in Joliet» (link)

At St. Francis University, learning is a lifelong process aimed at the development of the whole person as a human being. To achieve this goal, the undergraduate programs of study, particularly the undergraduate training, are based on the liberal arts, which expose students to various areas of knowledge and the research models associated with them.

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When not in class or studying, there are more than 130 clubs and organizations for students to join. The San Francisco area also offers many exciting opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment.

Colleges of Contra Costa strives to help students achieve their educational goals by providing programs where they can transfer to top U.S. colleges and universities. Offers transfer guarantees to California State University and University of California schools.

Each of the three schools offers its own Merit Scholarships, and there are also external Scholarship opportunities from contributors, organizations and foundations. These are in place to financially support students with their college costs.

Most Merit Scholarships range from USD 100 to USD 1,000. The awards have their own eligibility requirements, which students must meet. This could be based on criteria such as GPA, field of study and community service involvement.

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If the student is a Spanish or English speaker, or has completed his or her previous studies in those languages, the language requirements indicated above for the respective language are considered to be satisfied.

The degree in Dentistry at our University provides our students with a scientific training of the highest quality, without neglecting other values that are also very important to be a good dentist, such as ethical principles, effective communication, both with patients and with other professionals, etc.

The competency test has a specific part of Biology and Chemistry contents and another more general part comprising 40 questions and measuring three general competencies and social desirability. It assesses interpersonal competencies (capacity for self-criticism, teamwork, autonomous work, relationship with others and empathy), instrumental competencies (capacity for analysis, synthesis, organization, planning, verbal expression, written expression), systemic competencies (capacity to apply theory to practice, leadership, innovation) and, in addition, a series of items to measure social desirability.

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